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Happy Friday friends! It’s officially the end of the week, which means it is time for another edition of The Friday Five. Ben and I have been so insanely busy over the past few weeks, and as “Wed-Tober” is slowly winding down, we are starting to work on a ton of new and exciting Sarah Mac changes! They are preeetty big, and if you know either of us you know we have a hard time keeping exciting secrets (Ben is known for trying to give birthday gifts early and I occasionally get a horrible case of word vomit). So, for now, I am going to distract myself with a recap of this busy busy week!


This Week’s Fab Five:

1. Hidden Post-its: My birthday was almost a week ago, and I am still finding hidden birthday messages from Ben. Yesterday I found one on a post-it, combining my love for stationary, birthdays, and Ben all into one. And then my little heart swooned.

2. This Definitely Koalifies: One of our ever so awesome brides Shannon always sends me corny jokes (because she knows I love them so very much). Today, when I checked our email, she had sent me this.


3. Charlotte’s Halloween Costume: It officially came in the mail this week! And much like the earlier topic of trying hard to keep exciting secrets, I am DYING to post pictures of her Halloween photo shoot. It is just too cute not too share. But for now, I will just show you something she’s not going to be.

Product Image

4. The New Normal: I LOVE this show! It wasn’t one of those things that I set out to watch, but stumbling through the On Demand menu the other night I found it and watched all of them. And now I am obsessed. And I may have cried at Shania’s pretend wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL (and full of cake!)

5. Lists: Around the middle of this week, I started feeling insanely overwhelmed. We are working on so many different things right now, have so much to edit, and so many other “behind the scenes” types of things to do, that somewhere in the middle of it all I started to feel a bit defeated. Like no matter how much I got done in a day it wasn’t really making much of a difference compared to the huge amount of work that was left. So I took about 30 minutes to feel sorry for myself, ate some pumpkin cheesecake, and then decided to do something about it. I printed out some free calendars, and spent some time mapping out every bit of work for the next two months. What would be edited on what day, what blogs would go up when, and our also just-as-important days off. Now, I am not thinking about the big picture of what needs to get done before the New Year. I am thinking about what needs to get done today, and today only. Thank goodness for lists. And pumpkin cheesecake.


This Week’s Un-Fab Five:

1. Maple Syrup: Ok. So Ben and I decided to reminisce about our middle school days a bit this week and eat some french toast sticks for breakfast. You know, the kind that you used to get at school that tasted pretty much just like funnel cake?! The ones that can’t possibly have any positive nutritional value but are ever so delish?! Well we got some, and ate them in the car. Driving along. Music playing. Carefree. Laughing in slow motion over our french toast sticks. Not realizing that there was syrup dripping from the container all over EVERYTHING. My sweater. His shirt. The shifter. The carpet of the car. My hat. EVERYTHING. I know I am from Vermont, the land of maple syrup, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that the person who invented maple syrup, totally shouldn’t have made it so sticky and ridiculously impossible to get off of things. Just sayin’ . . . .

2. Warm Weather: It’s almost the end of October, and the weather here is still insanely warm. We are trying to force it by having the windows open and AC off, but this is really just resulting in me having hot flashes I think I am waay too young for. Bring on the cold, before I sweat to death in the scarf and sweater I am CONVINCED I am supposed to be wearing this time of year.

3. Splash Mountain: On Monday we went to Disney to celebrate my birthday, and it was SO busy we didn’t get to go on Splash Mountain until 8 o’clock at night. And even though we didn’t really want to get wet that close to our drive home, we had waited all day to go on it. So we stubbornly got in line, and didn’t refute the front row seat we were given. Ben came up with this amazing idea that we would just duck down when we got the bottom of the hill, avoiding any of the mist that usually sprays you. Well, I am pretty sure we must be the most synchronized duo ever. Because when we ducked down, at the exact same moment, with the exact same force, it didn’t keep us dry. It caused a tidal wave to roll over the front of the boat, leaving us completely soaked. We had to soggily trudge to the nearest Target to buy some dry clothes for the ride home.

4. Mosquitos: This one pretty much speaks for itself. The other night, Ben and I thought it would be fun to go out and play with some sparkler shots. What we didn’t think about were the amount of mosquitos that hang out in the super dark places that are ideal for sparkler shots. I just about singed my eyebrows off trying to swat away mosquitos while holding three sparklers. And I am pretty sure that’s a look I COULDN’T pull off.

5. Changing Your Phone Number: Worst. Process. Ever. I am super stoked to FINALLY have gotten around to changing our number. We will no longer have people asking us if we live in Tampa, and I even got to get a new phone. What I’m not so jazzed about is the fact that we had to change all of our print materials to match. This left Ben and I stickering business cards until 2 am over a Christopher Guest movie marathon. Ugh.

I would love to hear all about the fabulous (and even not so fabulous) things that happened to YOU this week! Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page telling us all about it. And if you have en extra corny joke laying around you can feel free to share that too!

Happy Friday everyone!



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