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the little things: the one where i cried

Happy December friends! We are officially to the last month of 2015, which means it’s not only time to break out the Christmas decorations, but it’s also time for another round of my most favorite blog series! Yup! It’s time for this past month’s little things!

The Little Things: November 2015

The Paperwork

There comes a moment every single time we get in the car to go to a wedding, where I open my car door and find this:

IMG_6915To some, this just looks like a random pile of paper someone forgot in the passenger seat, but to me, this little stack is an act of love. Because Ben knows I always love reading through our schedule of the day and all of it’s details on the way to every wedding, he always makes sure to leave my papers in a neat little pile on my seat as he loads all of our gear in the car.

And every time I pick up that pile my heart grows so full, simply because I know he was thinking of me as he did it. Sometimes friends, it really is the little things in life that mean the most. Sometimes, it’s the paperwork.

The Tears

I cried at an engagement session last month. Totally unintentionally and (lucky for me so I didn’t look like a crazy lady) in between moving to our second location, but I cried nonetheless. And it was Ben’s fault. I was sitting in the passenger seat and flipping through his phone to find the perfect Instagram photo, when I scrolled one too far and found this:

sarah & ben I the little things november 2015

Which cued crazy dog lady tears of happiness. (And not like eyes watering slightly, we’re talking full on messy TEARS.) I don’t know if it was the fact that Ben had even thought to document this from the night before (when I was so tired from our wedding I fell asleep as soon as I hit the sofa) or the fact that this little furball was happily asleep in my arms, or  if it was just pure crazy lady hormones. Whatever it was, it took me completely off guard and made me stop for a minute in the middle of a busy week to be so thankful for my little family of three. 

Hope you all have the most wonderful December ever full of a ton of sweets, far too many laughs, and more love than your heart can hold.

Love + Laughs (+ happy December!),


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