happy birthday charlotte!

It’s not unusual for us to be called crazy when we talk about Charlotte (especially Sarah). Our eyes light up as we recount the way she talks to us when she’s excited (because she legit DOES) and sometimes eyes get a little teary (again, especially Sarah) as we talk about how ridiculously loved she makes us feel. We know to some it may seem silly, but there’s a special place in our hearts for her, and honestly, this little four-legged furry lady is such a huge part of our family it’s impossible not to gush on her a little bit. Or a lot of bit. Or show a million pictures of her in completely random outfits. (Because every dog needs their own banana suit ; )

Charlotte is by far the most understanding member of our household. She is never angry when we have to work long days and is always around to make us feel better when the day’s projects seem like too much to tackle. She is there to play when we need a break, and knows just how to cuddle up when we get home with sore everything after a long wedding day. It’s cheesy and stereotypical, but this little malchi really is our best friend.

And even though today we’re gone shooting what is sure to be an amazing wedding day, we couldn’t let the day go by without wishing her a very happy 4th birthday. Or taking a minute to take some quick iPhone shots of her in some birthday attire ; )

Love + Laughs (and big sloppy Charlotte kisses),

Sarah & Ben


Charlotte Birthday by Sarah & Ben_0001


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