Hitching Post Wedding

The Hitching Post Wedding: Rachel + Mike

She stood on one side of the quilts, and him on the other. The blues, greens and yellows from the hanging blankets casting an almost rainbow-like hue onto each of them, as if everything around them was every bit as smiley as they were. And there they stood, not seeing each other.

They held hands and laughed, because laughing is what they do best. They said what would be the last words of this chapter, because a new one was just about to start. And they smiled, that whole body kind of smile that comes out your eyes and heart, because they had an awful lot to smile about. Not only on this day, but for all the days to come . . . .

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Rachel + Mike are married! They had an insanely gorgeous wedding day at The Hitching Post, which was so gloriously detail filled it LITERALLY gave me shortness of breath when we walked into the reception space! The entire property was filled with so much southern charm, and every ounce of it screamed Rachel + Mike. The two of them had an outdoor ceremony, which included a super sweet surprise from Rachel’s dad. After walking her down the aisle he paused, and then walked to face her and Mike so that he could sing “I Loved Her First” to the two of them. Tears do not explain what followed for me (and most everyone else around), I think they would be more appropriately summed up as stifled sobs. It was the sweetest gesture, and gave me goosebumps just knowing how much this dad loves his little girl.

The two of them (as well as their entire bridal party) were so laid back and fun to be around, and we couldn’t have asked for a prettier day to shoot. From the lovely people to the delish barbecue to the adorable boots, this was an absolutely perfect day in the country.

Rachel and Mike, we had the best day with you guys! Thank you a million times over for having us, we couldn’t have been happier to document this day.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben



Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


Photography: Sarah & Ben

Hair: Jenisa- Loft 352

Florist: Kim Mobley- Allen’s Florist

Cake Design: Gigi’s cupcakes

Caterer: John Mason Catering

Venue: The Hitching Post


  1. Luther Willis says:


  2. Sharon L Ladoux Lynch says:

    What a wonderful day for our family . We gained a wonderful new member …Rachel . These pictures are priceless , and as I said the day you both married, You both were beaming !! Welcome Rachel and may you and Michael have a long and happy life together !! This wedding was so fun !!! God Bless you both always 🙂

  3. Esther Seay says:

    wow that was wonderful

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