Today to most is just an ordinary Wednesday. It isn’t any sort of national holiday or a celebrationy day of the week. It’s not as dreaded as a Monday or as celebrated as a Saturday night. It’s simply the smack-dab-middle of the week. Just another day.

But to me, it’s a day where I’m feeling a smiley heart full of memories and eyes that are a little sad. It’s the day that my grandpa would have turned 96 if I hadn’t gotten a phone call two months ago saying that he wouldn’t be having any more birthdays. A day that is finally cementing the fact that he is gone.

My grandpa was THAT grandpa. The grandpa who was constantly singing songs. Songs which are now legendary melodies amongst my family, whose tunes and ridiculous lyrics are known by all.

He was the grandpa who would take long walks with me down a dirt road that led nowhere, just so he could tell me all about the made-up Mug Wump who lived in the swamp nearby.

He made everything fun, and a bit more special, and taught me since I was little how important it was to laugh. He was one of my favorite people in this whole world, and I truly hope he knew that.

Today instead of feeling melancholy I’m trying to feel more appreciative for those around me. Noticing how Ben repetitively walked the aisles of Home Goods, patiently going along with my crazy of getting towels that were the perfect shade of white.  Noticing that my dad makes time in the day to call, just to say something that he knows will make me laugh. Noticing how my sister gladly stayed at my house until 1 am so that we could paint my bathroom Jamaica Blue. Everywhere around us there are people doing things, some small and some not, that make your day a little brighter and your heart a little fuller. And whoever those people are to you, make sure you take a minute today to let them know.

Because I think people should know how great they really are while they’re still here for us to tell them.

And because laughter followed my grandpa wherever he went, I feel it is only all to appropriate that I leave you with this.



Love + Laughs,



  1. Kathleen Gerry English says:

    He was a wonderful man…….and you are a fantastic writer!

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