the happiest of birthdays to you

Today it’s your birthday. Your 30th to be exact. And while I know you feel like it is the end of an era I know it is just a continuation of so many more great adventures. When I think of all of the amazing things that will come for you in the next decade I get so overwhelmingly excited, most of all because I know I am going to be right there with you for all of them. Because your thirties? They are going to be EPIC.

Today it’s your birthday. And in the “30 gifts in 30 days” countdown it is gift number 28, which just so happens to be one of the surprises I am most excited about.

Today it’s your birthday. And I hope it is the most amazing birthday in the history of 30th birthdays. I am so excited to be the lucky one who gets to make this (and every) birthday special for you. Because you make even the most mundane things in life feel so very special for me.

Love you more than you know,




  1. John McLachlan says:

    You are a very lucky young man. I am so very proud of you. Welcome to the best years of your life. It’s amazing, you are 30 yet I an still only 36….

  2. Heather Lamb says:

    Happy Birthday Ben!!!!

  3. Patti Michener LaCava says:

    Happy Birthday Ben!

  4. Kim Hohman says:

    Happy Belated Ben!!!

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