Dali Museum Wedding

dali museum wedding: raquel and john

They were fitting, the gifts that they had each chosen for the other. Her finding a delicate necklace beneath the brown lid of the box. A necklace that she said was even better than anything she would have chosen for herself. A necklace with a single solitaire diamond that was a symbol of something that, just like their love, would always be in style. And him finding a watch that would be on his wrist for years to come. It would count the seconds that made up the minutes of every hour that he would love her. And those hours would make up all the days of their forever . . .

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Raquel and John are married! The had a lovely ceremony at their church in Tampa, followed by a warmly lit outdoor reception at the Dali Museum. After shooting tons of wedding day portraits at the Dali we were super excited to see how the space was transformed for a reception, and we loved how they utilized all of the unique features of the building. They had a head table set up under the gorgeous glass of the museum, and modern clear chairs set at all the tables which I LOVED.
And speaking of things we loved, the color palette for this day was absolute perfection. All of the girls wore pale pink, with the maid of honor in an accent color of gray. Raquel’s dad strung custom pearl bracelets for all of the ladies in the bridal party, which was the perfect finishing touch to the soft, timeless look. There were so many things that made this day amazing, from the ceremony tears to the unexpected fireworks at the end of the night. But mostly, this day was just pure awesome because of the two people it centered around.
Raquel and John, you two were so, SO much fun to be with and we were absolutely honored to be a part of your wedding day! See you soon : )
Love + Laughs,
Sarah & Ben


Photography: Sarah & Ben

Videography: Lexoria wedding films

Hair & Makeup: Kelly Kalmbach – Creative Touches

Florist: Gulfport Florist

Cake Design: Publix

Dj: Celebrations 24

Caterer: Good food Catering

Ceremony:Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church

Reception: Dali Museum


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