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summer in maine


Aug 2, 2019

We’ve been avoiding getting this post together. Firstly, because we knew it was going to give us that all-too-familiar post vacation heartache, where we would give anything to be back in these images. And secondly, because it’s now been a month and a half since this trip, and the little baby in these photos now seems SO.MUCH.BIGGER! How does that happen so fast?! There may have been a few emotional eating snack breaks as we put this post together because we just can’t deal!

We’ve taken many a trip to Maine, but this was our most special yet because we got to introduce Oliver to all of our favorite places. Since our very first visit, this place has captured such a giant piece of our hearts, and it was an amazing experience to introduce it to the little boy who has done the same.

The trip began with Ollie’s very first plane ride, which he was toooootally pumped up for.

As long as he got to be the one to hold his boarding pass ; )

As soon as we arrived we headed straight up to Acadia, to spend a few days hiking.

But first we had to stop by the Visitor Center so that Oliver could become a Junior Ranger.

He took an oath and became our official tour guide.

He’s baaaasically employed there now ; )

We were greeted with a bit more rain than we would have liked, but every now and then it stopped long enough for us to go on an adventure . . . .

And it also offered up an outdoor version of Ollie’s favorite thing in this world:

looking at himself in a mirror.

(Because when you’re THIS cute, it’s hard not to want to stare ; )

There were more rainy afternoons, which just made for extra cuddles . . .

And this boy learned that he loves when it sprinkles.

But all that playing in the rain can tire a guy out.

Our first sunny day we hiked The Wonderland Trail…

…and had a picnic complete with aaaaallllll the blackberries.

which Oliver decided was his favorite part of Maine.

There were tons of silly faces,

gorgeous fields of wildflowers,

and lots of mid-venture naps.

But Oliver always made sure to be awake when it was time to eat.

He just wasn’t too happy when the snacks were gone and it was time to leave our table with this view…

As always we walked the Jordan Pond Trail after eating every carb available at The Jordan Pond House.

But this time, we burned EXTRA calories carrying some extra weight.

We’re preeeeettty sure that meant we earned ice cream ; )

And after a few short days in Acadia it was time to head south to Camden.

Oliver took some time to pick a souvenir.

Sunny weather meant the arrival of the world’s most GIANT sun hat.

And Ollie looked so cute he decided he would start kissing all the ladies ; )

This next photo has no caption.


After a quick pitstop in the most nautical little town….

and some time on the farm,

we spent our last few days in the most charming cabin.

We watched the rain fall, played so many games of peek-a-boo, read, and did

all the kinds of screen-free things our souls needed.

Which also happened to include teaching Ollie the silly art of mushing your face on glass 😉

Our trip ended with the most perfect family photo shoot at the Portland Head Light

(those pics are coming next week, so stay tuned!)

and left us dreaming of our next time we’ll be up there making memories.

Hope this post left you with a travel bug, and that we’ll see YOU up in Maine sometime soon! We’ve already started plotting our summer trip for 2020, and it maaaaaaay just include offering some portrait sessions for YOU! See you there!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

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  1. Rebecca S says:

    What beautiful photos of a beautiful family! So happy you guys had a great trip. If you’re doing sessions Maine next summer, we are SO there! Hope all is well with you guys!