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Take a peek at your Facebook or Instagram ads and you’ll notice one thing – there suddenly seems to be a box service for EVERYTHING. From makeup to groceries to clothes to dog toys, anything you can imagine is being offered in six cardboard sides these days and delivered to your door on a monthly basis. And while we don’t subscribe to the notion that this is the best way to shop for everything (because we’re perfectly fine heading to the plain ol’ store when it comes time to refresh our underwear drawer), there are certain boxes that we have found that genuinely improve our lives. And today, we’re talking about our newest favorite, Date Box.DateBox by Sarah & Ben Photography_0003

Date Box is a monthly box service that delivers a fun, unique date right to your doorstep every month (which is awesome, because if you’re anything like us you know how easy it is to accidentally skip over date night!) Past boxes have included at home cooking classes (complete with all the ingredients), gingerbread house building, and even a scavenger hunt. After finding out about this awesome service we knew we had to sign up, and now that we’ve received our adorable first box are so glad we did!DateBox by Sarah & Ben Photography_0006

This month’s box is all about getting creative, and they sent us everything we need for a night of making things! We have all the ingredients and a recipe card to try our hand at cake pops, and art supplies for a project where we are each going to paint our own canvas. They included a link to a custom playlist they created for us to listen to during our date. (Can we just all let out a big, collective AAAAAWWWW?!) And all of this was awesome, but what really made us love it even more is all of the materials they put in there about your actual relationship. There are conversation starters and fun questions to ask each other while we’re painting, as well as little blurbs about how to apply the month’s theme to ourselves. It genuinely feels like their company cares about strengthening lasting relationships, and that is most definitely something we can get behind!DateBox by Sarah & Ben Photography_0005

DateBox by Sarah & Ben Photography_0002DateBox by Sarah & Ben Photography_0004

If you are looking to add a little bit of fun to your dating routine we can’t recommend Date Box enough! And because the awesome folks at Date Box are just that (AWESOME) they are being super sweet and offering all of our blog readers 25% off their first box! Simply head to and enter code SARAHBEN25. Happy dating!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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