number six

Dear Ben,

Tomorrow we will celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. And while I know six isn’t any sort of milestone number, it still feels like a pretty special number to me. It’s the number of letters in my favorite nickname for you, which just so happened to be the very first word spoken in my wedding vows that day. It’s the number of pets we’ve had together in our almost 11 years of being each other’s, and 1/8 the amount of times you’ve willingly watched The Notebook with me. (Because you’re just that kind of guy). It’s exactly double the number of q-tips you religiously use every time you get out of the shower. Which is something weirdly specific and quirky that I love that I know abut you. Because I’m the lucky one that gets to know all of you, even the strange parts that just so happen to mesh with my strange so well.

But most importantly, six is the number of years since I stood in a warmly lit room, in front of everyone who had ever mattered to either of us, and made the easiest promise I’d ever been asked to. And since then, that vow has only strengthened, and my love for every ounce of your giving heart and silly sense of humor has grown in ways I didn’t think it had room to. Quite simply Benjam, you make me laugh and show me new ways to feel loved every single day, and I can’t wait to share my life with you for another six years. And then all the sixes to come after that.

Happy Anniversary my love.

Love + Laughs,

Your Wife

Our Wedding by Sarah & Ben_0001

Image by Kellie Day Photography


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