safety harbor engagement: amy + stephen

Amy and Stephen met doing theater, so it’s absolutely NO surprise that we adore them as much as we do (since that’s exactly how we met almost 12 years ago!) From our very first meeting with the two of them we loved how easily they laughed together and how playful they were with one another. So when it was time to spend an afternoon documenting all of that we couldn’t have been more excited!

We met the two of them at Crooked Thumb brewery (which was the exact place Stephen asked Amy’s dad for permission to propose) and had fun playing among the tanks and kegs of the brewery as well as sampling a beer or two. Afterwards they grabbed a quick change before heading to Philippe Park for a round of darts (because it was over a round of darts that Stephen officially won Amy’s heart ; ) and some exploring around the park. It was such a fun afternoon that went by far too quickly.

Amy & Stephen we loved laughing with you guys all afternoon and can’t wait to do it again next month!

Love + Laughs,
Sarah & Ben



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