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Let’s be real. We don’t ever get a case of the Mondays around here because 1) most of the times Mondays end up being a day off after a weekend of shooting and 2) we honest-to-goodness love what we do. REALLY. But if we were in the category of people who got the beginning of the week, back to the grind blues, today’s news would cure ’em in a second. Because we’re published again!

We were so excited to wake up and see Ashley and Jonathan’s gorgeous Cross Creek Ranch wedding day featured on the Celebration Society Blog, not only because we still get butterflies every time we see our work shared, but because we truly loved this wedding. From Ashley’s perfectly timeless, romantic gown (complete with long SLEEVES!) to the soft lavender palette and horse drawn carriage, everything about this wedding day was amazing. And beyond all of that, more importantly the day just felt like love, and that’s something worth celebrating all on it’s own.

If you’re finding yourself with a bit of the Monday blues, give yourself five minutes to go check out this gorgeous wedding day over on the Celebration Society Blog! We think it may just be the perfect cure!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben



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