our maternity session and a baby update

We’ve been admittedly terrible about sharing our baby journey with you guys. And not because it’s not the center of our entire universe right now (which it most definitely is) and not because we aren’t more excited than the time we got to see Hamilton, the day of our own wedding, and our very first date COMBINED (which we are). But because our life, which has always so easily felt like an open book suddenly felt super private these past few months, and the tiny little miracle baby we’ve been growing seemed too special to share with strangers on the internet. But the past month or so, there has been so much excitement and joy surrounding Baby Mac’s arrival that we can’t help but let it seep onto our blog. We had our maternity pictures taken by one of our dearest friends (shout out to Ailyn La Torre Photography for making us look amazing in the middle of a hot summer day), moved into the house we began building once we found out we were pregnant, and had the most amazing baby shower. It’s been such an overwhelmingly happy time that sharing it just feels right now. And we also realize that the people who come to our little corner of the internet (yes, that means you!) aren’t strangers. This space isn’t full of the random acquaintances that seem to populate the scrolling feeds of Facebook or Instagram, or of the strangers that are friends of friends of friends. We know that each one of you is here because at some point, in some way, we became a part of each other’s journeys, and the fact that you still take the time to follow along with ours means more than you know.

So in honor of the happiest few months we’ve ever lived, today we’re sharing some favorites from our maternity session (which STILL feels surreal) combined with aaaaaallll the Baby Mac questions we’ve been getting lately!

What are you having and when are you due?

Baby Mac is a boy and if his personality is anything like his mom’s he’ll arrive promptly on his due date of September 17th. But we have a feeling that’s going to be the first of his many surprises 😉

Have you picked a name?

At the beginning of our pregnancy we were convinced we were having a girl, and the name came so incredibly easy!

But a boy name proved to be considerably harder.

So after our gender reveal party we started from scratch, and a few weeks of brainstorming came up with a name we both loved. His name will be Oliver Edwin McLachlan, and we love that his name comes with a built in nickname of Ollie!

How is Sarah feeling?

Preeeetttyyy darn great! After it took us so long to get pregnant, even the annoying pregnancy symptoms that seem to rear their heads in the 3rd trimester (hello swollen everything and wrist pain!) seem so insignificant.

We’re finally having a baby, and that makes all the other things seem small!

Are you still shooting weddings?

Of course! We just shot our last pre-Oliver wedding together last week, but Ben will continue shooting all through the Fall (with the help of some super sweet ladies who are standing in for Sarah).

Then we’ll both be shooting together again in November 🙂

Is it twins in there?

Uuuuumm, no. It’s not. Despite how many times the cashier at the grocery store asks. You’re rude Carol.

What are you most excited for?


Obviously we think about the big milestones like getting to hold him for the first time and bringing him home to meet Charlotte, but all the little things – like getting to  read him the book Ben’s already been reading to him IN PERSON – have us feeling aaaalll the feels as well.

Have you picked a nursery theme?

Yes, and that’s been one of the most fun parts of baby prep! Oliver’s nursery has a travel/adventure theme filled with the most amazing mid-century modern furniture. We sit in there all the time and daydream about bringing him home.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben & Oliver



Hair + Makeup: DB Studio


  1. donna boggs says:

    Aaaaa I am so Happy for you two the wonderful two that you are becomes three the photo shoot was beautiful I wish you and Ollie a beautiful blessed life.
    Your friend Donna Boggs

  2. Kim says:

    That is so super exciting. You look beautiful Sarah! I am sure you both are excited for the days to come. Congratulations my dears. May Ollie bring you a wonderful bundle of blessings full of baby coos and smiles. All my love, Kimmay

  3. Angel says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I’m crying tears of joy. I know Grandpa is over the moon. Much love and laughter and hugs to you. ❤️

  4. Renee Lamb says:

    Hey guys, this was go great to see. Though I do kind of feel like the “friend of a friend of a friend” kind of stranger you might have been talking about. Eeeep. It was still so great to see these shots and hear how things have been. I’m so excited for you both! Also, I totally get the rude strangers asking if it’s twins things. The same thing happened to my when I was pregnant with Charlotte. I think people who haven’t been pregnant just don’t get how big a baby gets before it’s born. And no doubt, super rude. Sarah, you look absolutely beautiful and don’t let that cashier make you feel any less than phenomenal. You deserve to love every second of this. Congrats to the both of you!

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