the little things: the time we hammed it up

I know. It’s been a while since one of these posts has graced the blog, but that is most definitely not because of any lack of sweet little things making up our day to day life. If anything, life has been SO amazingly busy and awesome that I just haven’t had time to sit down and tell you guys all about how fabulous it is. (This is where you put on your moody hipster glasses and say #firstworldproblems ; ) In all fairness, I’ve had a rough draft of little things sitting in the blog to be published for quite some time, and it was full of tons of sweetness. From Ben surprising me in New York with a Valentine’s Day card and cupcake date to ordering me the most epicly awesome Always Sunny in Philadelphia tank top on a whim, life has been pretty great. But last month, he did something that knocked all of these things (and pretty much anything anyone could ever do again) out of the park  (and off of the blog). So before I totally BURST with excitement,  let’s get to this month’s little things.

The Little Things: April 2017

We were in Chicago at the very end of April celebrating wedding festivities for our sweet friends and shooting their gorgeous

So at this point I was beyond excited, and couldn’t believe that something I had dreamed of for what had seriously felt like FOREVER was finally happening. But I was also so very confused about how we had tickets. These things are absolutely impossible to get. So as I grilled him on the way to the theater he told me how he had not in fact been visiting with friends that morning but had tried to play the Hamilton ticket lottery, and lost. And then resorted to standing in line for 3 hours in the rain and cold outside the theater to see if he could score some last minute tickets at the theater (which luckily he did). My heart basically melted at his dedication to make this happen for me, I mean REALLY. What could possibly be sweeter?!

The show was every bit as amazing as we had been dreaming about for months and months and basically made my month year LIFE.  And if you are interested in watching an almost 30 year old girl lose her mind, you can check out the video below ; )

As always nothing makes our hearts happier than hearing all about the little things that filled YOUR past month, so make our day and leave us a comment below!


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