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most favorite monday


Mar 30, 2020

Happy Monday amigos, hope your weekend was amazing! (Sidenote….does it count as a weekend anymore if it feels the EXACT same as every other day of the week?! – those of you self-quarantined know what we mean!) We thought that with all this extra time we seem to find ourselves having, this week could be the perfect week to bring back on old favorite series on the blog, Most Favorite Monday!

If you’re new around these parts this is most likely your first MFM, and if you’ve been with us for a bit then you remember what it’s all about. Basically we share the top 5 things we’re loving lately, and this round is extra special because it is the QUARANTINE EDITION! So let’s get started!

1. Oliver’s Cooking Show – If you’re following along on Instagram (and if not, you should be!)  then you’ve probably seen this little gem of a home cooking show that has surfaced in our lives, and we are loving how many smiles it’s bringing to the world. We have so much fun making it, and it fills our hearts so much to hear from so many of you who are loving it as well. Word on the street is Ollie maaaaaay be baking banana bread next 😉

2. Binge Watching – Along with the rest of the world, we just finished watching Tiger King (and we STILL can’t get “I Saw A Tiger” out of our heads a week later! But we’ve also been spending a lot of time catching up on favorites on Hulu, most specifically This is Us which, as always, has been bringing ALL.THE.TEARS!

3. Gimlets – We’ve been guilty of partaking in what we’ve dubbed “quarant-evenings” most nights in the Mac household, which is basically just our fancy way of saying “cocktails after Oliver goes to bed”. And the drink of choice for said evenings has been a super schmancy (and insanely easy) gimlet! Here’s the recipe for all you gin lovers out there:

2 Oz Gin

3/4 Oz Fresh Lime Juice

3/4 Oz Simple Syrup

Combine it all over ice in a shaker, give it quick stir, strain and enjoy in an ice filled glass of your choice!

4. At Home Room Escapes – It’s no secret that we are preeeeetttty big nerds room escape enthusiasts. But since we became parents and our date nights have become fewer and further between, we’ve turned into huge fans of the home variety (because they don’t require a babysitter OR putting on real pants ; ) We’ve been really into a few different series, but lately these two games have been our favorites! You can grab em’ on Amazon and have a fun date night in!

The Mysterious Museum

Escape Room in a Box: Flashback

5. Time Being Present – This one’s not a “thing” per say, but it has been one of our most favorite parts of the quarantine life so far. We’ve loved turning off our phones, shutting down the computers, and just taking time to be present with our little family. It’s been hard not to get caught up in all the wedding postponements and chaos in the world, but we’re making it our mission to still find joy amongst the craziness…and lucky for us, joy is something we’ve still got plenty of.

Hope that at least one of these brings a little joy to YOUR corner of the world, and if it does we want to hear about it! And speaking of wanting to hear from you, what’s the next binge-worthy show we can’t miss while stuck inside? Let us know in the comments below!

Love + Laughs (+ stay safe!),


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