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Happy Thursday friends! With everything happening all around us with the Coronavirus (or “The Rona” as Sarah has taken to calling it), our schedules have been a little more bare than they’ve been…well, EVER. This time of year is normally full of busy schedules, back to back shoots, and aaallll the Spring weddings we have spent the previous year planning. But instead we’ve found ourselves with snacks in our hands instead of cameras, and a whoooolllle lotta extra time. (Which, let’s be real, has *mostly* been used to munch on those aforementioned snacks). It’s been a struggle for us to find peace and calm amidst the chaos that the past couple of weeks have brought us, and it’s been such an emotional roller coaster navigating the postponements all of our sweet couples have had to make decisions about. 

Last week was the week we let ourselves just *live* in those emotions. We snacked. We binge-watched all the things at night as soon as we put Oliver to bed. And we consumed our fair share of cocktails in what we have officially dubbed “quarant-evenings”. We obviously feel so lucky to have each other and our health and all the countless things we are more than thankful for every day, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t so heartbroken for all the changes of plans. And anxious about the future of our business. And just plain bummed about the state of the world. Because right now, it’s rough out there.

But this week, we decided we’d had enough of those two sad-sacks that have been inhabiting our house, and we decided to do something. To get back to what we do best. So instead of anymore posts on our Insta about the virus, we’re going to share silly things to make you laugh. Snaps into our life that we love sharing with you all. And real moments from past wedding guaranteed to bring on all the feels. In short, we’re going to control the only thing we can, which is our little corner of the internet and the world. And we want that corner to be the brightest, shiniest, glowiest ray of positivity and sunshine amidst the bleakness that fills so much of the web these days. But you best believe we’ll still be doing it with snacks 😉

Keep an eye out for exclusive specials for past clients, popup offers on all our favorite printed goodies, and some never-before-seen sessions we’re so excited to share! It all starts Monday, so we’ll see you then!

So much love and all the laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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