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It has been far too long since an MFM post has happened! So long in fact, that I have way more than five most favorite things to tell you about right now, so it was a total knock down drag out fight to make this list! (We’ll call it a battle-of-the-bests if you will.) And even though I still feel like I am forgetting something fabulous, here are a few of my favorite things this week!

Most Favorite Monday by Sarah & Ben_0001

  1. Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash Ravioli – I know. I am surprising you by not listing something pumpkin flavored, but this ravioli will change your life! It tastes like the absolute best parts of fall, and cooks in no time flat. We may have stocked up and bought far too many packages last week (but I am now prepared for any fall-food cravings that will strike throughout the year!
  2. Glam Glow – This awesome face mask has won a TON of awards, so I was a little surprised when I just heard about it a few weeks ago. But since then I have used it a few times and am always so impressed with the way it extracts all of the extra oils from my face.  A jar is a bit pricey, but will last for a while and is totally worth it!
  3. Jamberry Nails – If we’re besties on Facebook (and if not we should be!) then you’ve probably seen just one or two posts about my new obsession with Jamberry nails. They are essentially little wraps for your nails that are super easy to apply with a little bit of heat, and last for a couple weeks at a time. They have become my absolute new favorite way to do my nails!
  4. Limited Edition Cozy Nights Candle -I randomly stumbled onto this little guy in Target a few weeks ago, and since then have gone back to stock up on a few (aka FOUR) more. Because honestly, I don’t want to think of a time where Ben and I are cuddled up on the sofa and the house doesn’t smell like this. The label doesn’t lie, it smells like the coziest of nights.
  5. Tempered Glass Screen Guard – Yes, this ones a little nerdy. But GUYS, we finally have new iPhones (which was a huge deal because we made the jumps from 4’s to 6’s) and I am strapping on my big girl pants for the first time ever and not putting it in an army tank inspired case. To supplement that, we found these awesome screen guards that still add an extra layer of protection to our phones without the bulk (AND still allow me to have a glittery case of awesomeness on the back ; )

Hope that at least one of these is new and exciting to you guys! Or maybe all of them were and tonight you will sit around eating ravioli with a face mask on while you do your nails and play on your fully protected phone.  All while catching whiffs of the best candle ever!

Happy Monday friends!

Love + Laughs,




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