florida state fair engagement: amanda + kevin

Happy Friday friends! We can think of no better way to end the week than with this insanely cute engagement session at the fair. Amanda and Kevin are just about the sweetest two people you will ever meet, not to mention the most stylish! (Can we just talk about Amanda’s skirt and glittery shoes?!) AMAZING.

We love this session for so many reasons, but mostly because it has everything a good love story does. It was just the right amount of silly and sweet and full of charm and romance. And did we mention there were fireworks when they kissed?! YES. Real, legit, FIREWORKS. We braved a ton of rides, ate some delish fair food (fried cookie dough anyone?!) and even won a prize or two! It was a truly perfect day.

Amanda and Kevin, we had SUCH a great day with you both and can’t wait for what’s in store at the wedding! Thanks for a great day at the fair!

Love + Laughs

Sarah & Ben


  1. Ben Hughlett says:

    Wow! Best ever!:)

  2. Samantha Hughlett says:

    These are amazing!!

  3. Mabel Elyse says:

    Amazing! Love this and so happy for you!

  4. Audrey Siegler says:

    AMAZING! These pictures just made my day! So happy for all involved! :0D

  5. Lisa Dalrymple says:

    Probably the most amazing engagement photos I’ve ever seen. Congrats Amanda and Kevin!

  6. Roxane Caravan says:

    You guys have truly outdone yourself on this one. What a lucky couple to have such amazing photos as a keepsake.

  7. Robert Hoffmann says:

    one of the best engagement sessions yet! You keep getting better.

  8. Andrea Haas Nurse says:

    I LOVE THESE. WOW!! What a beautiful couple. You weren’t kidding!!!

  9. Jenny Wilkinson says:

    Just perfect! Nobody I can think of deserves cuter or more fun images.

  10. Mary Veterano says:

    Totally and completely in love with this! And LOVE the first outfit!

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