the little things

She follows me into the kitchen as I shuffle toward the Keurig. Burry eyes, messy hair, and one of Ben’s old hoodies keeping me warm.  It still smells like him even though it’s been washed a thousand times. We stand there by the counter, waiting for the water to heat up, and she goes to get her bone. She prances into the kitchen with it in her mouth, making sure I haven’t forgotten about her amazing treasure. She seems so proud.

I put what, to anyone else, is probably far too much creamer in my coffee, and shuffle into the office. The song of the Mac plays and the screen’s glow fills the otherwise dark room, and I sit cris-cross-apple-sauce in the office chair. I cover my lap with her favorite Brookstone blanket and then, without fail, she hops into my lap. She burrows into the blanket a little, and then goes to sleep, with her head on the now fuzzy arm rest. And there we sit for the first hour of the day. Me, working and drinking my creamer with coffee, and her asleep.  Half in protest that we are up so early, and halfway because I think it makes her feel as cozy as it does me. In the dark house, before the day seems to have really started, we sit together in the glow of the screen. And as much as all of this is part of our daily routine, so is the thought I always have right at that very moment – that life is full of so much sweetness to be thankful for. The exact right amount of creamer in a tall cup of coffee, hoodies that feel like hugs, and a 10 lb furball who makes you feel so unconditionally loved. Hope you all take a minute or two today to notice the every day details that make life so insanely sweet : )


Leave us a note to let us know what YOU’RE most thankful for today! As for me, it’s these two.

Love + Laughs,



  1. Ramona Jung says:

    Sarah…you couldn’t have said it any better! I love my boys more than the it would take to get to the end of the world. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside…not the “oops I are too much cheese kind” but the good kind!!! Thanks for the smile!!!!

  2. Ramona Jung says:

    And I wish there wasn’t autocorrect sometimes. :0/

  3. Lee Breiter Goldstein says:

    I am also thankful for my husband and our little fur ball. Oh…and I too love creamer with a hint of coffee in the morning! Hope you have an awesome rest of the week!

    • Sarah & Ben says:

      We have to agree that your little fur ball is a PRETTY cute thing to be thankful for! And that husband of yours isn’t too shabby either 🙂 Miss you guys!

  4. Robert Hoffmann says:

    well written sarah! youhave a wonderful outlook on life.

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