crystal ballroom wedding: melina + ravin

We felt so lucky to document not just one but two amazing wedding days for Melina and Ravin, and today we get to share the first one with you! On the Thursday before their big day at the Kapok (coming to the blog soon!) they gathered their family and friends for a traditional Hindu ceremony. And even though it was a gray and rainy day outside, the Crystal Ballroom was bursting with energy and color. It was stunning and was so much fun to capture!

We always love shooting these kinds of ceremonies, not only because they are full of so many gorgeous details but because there are so many heart felt traditions throughout. We adored how at one point in the ceremony all of the parents came up to stack their hands on top of Mel and Rav’s to bless their marriage. It was just one super sweet moment of so many. And after the ceremony the rain had finally subsided, so we got to sneak out for some quick night shots which we are just OBSESSED with. Their colorful outfits combined with the glisten of the wet ground made for some seriously stunning stuff! Nights like this aaaaalllllmost convince us that we like shooting in the dark as much as golden hour. Almost.

Mel and Rav, both of these days were such a blast and we can’t wait to share so many more to come!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


The Bride and her family and friends in full hindi attire before the wedding at the Crystal Ballroom in Clearwater, FL Wedding ceremony details and pops of bright orange and gold cloth Welcome sign to the wedding at the crystal ballroom in Clearwater, FL The flowers filled up the wedding ceremony space for the Hindu Ceremony in the Crystal Ballroom by Sarah & Ben Photography The crystal ballroom was living up to its name with chandeliers and details on the candelabras. The bride and groom greet their guests under the altar in black and white The bride and groom are surrounded by their family during the colorful wedding ceremony The bride and groom hold hands during their wedding ceremony under the floral altar. detailed image of the henna covered hands of the bride and groom Bride and groom smiling as she circles him under the altar of flowers by Sarah and Ben Photography The hands of all the family members during the ceremony stacked on top of each other by Sarah & Ben Photography The groom feeds his new bride during the Hindu ceremony at the crystal ballroom in Clearwater, FL The bride feeds the groom during the ceremony while surrounded by family The bride and groom bow to the audience of family and friends for attending their wedding in Clearwater, FL Centerpiece detail of flowers and gold branches and the henna tattoo details of the bride's legs The bridal party pose for a formal photograph in front of the huge floral altar by Sarah & Ben Photography Bride and Groom on the bride at the Crystal Ballroom in Clearwater florida by Sarah & Ben Photography Bride and Groom share a quiet moment together on the bride in Clearwater, FL by Sarah & Ben Photography Bride and Groom in full Hindu wedding attire share a near kiss under the stars by Sarah & Ben Bridal portrait of both the bride and the groom in Clearwater, FL Bride and Groom kiss next to their reflection after the storm passed. Photo by Sarah & Ben Photography Tampa, Florida Details of the Bride's hands and  of the Hindi wedding dress and elaborate stitching


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