2018 behind the scenes

Happy New Year Friends! Who here spent the past week in a whirlwind of too many snacks, a whole lotta boardgames and a cheesy Netflix Christmas movie or two?! (Ok. Let’s be real. We watched SO many!) The last week of the year zipped by just as quickly as the others that came before it, and the fact that we’re already here ready to reminisce about 2018 is CRAZY considering we are preeeeetty sure it just started. We’ve already got so many things planned for 2019 that we’re sure it’s going to be our best year yet, but before we start making those memories we have to reminisce about all the fun 2018 brought!

We shot 25 amazing weddings this year, and started each one of them with aaaaallll the perfect details . . . . .

…and Ben always hung the dress in the most perfect of spots.

Sarah accidentally matched the bridal party a time or two,

While Ben not so accidentally stood in for our brides.

This resulted in some pretty surprising first looks ; )

We shot in places near

and far,

but no matter where we went Ben still carried all the things!

In fact, his arms got so buff from all the carrying it even caught the eye of some of our brides ; )

Sarah got better at not photobombing as much, but still found her way into a few frames . . . .

Ben on the other hand still found himself frantically running out of the shot.

(MOST of the time).

There were times that nobody understood Ben’s directions. . . .

And times his explanations were SO good it was impossible not to laugh.

We call this one walking with jazz hands . . . .

There were photo ops at engagement sessions . . .

weddings . . .

and even with the occasional wedding guest

(who OBVIOUSLY thought Ben was famous and requested a photo).

We laughed a whole bunch . . . .

and even danced a time or two.

And speaking of the bump in that photo this was also the year of Oliver!

On 1/11/18 we found out we were pregnant, and Sarah’s belly grew right along with the year . . . .

Until we finally shot our last wedding at 32 weeks.

But Ben was baby ready, because he had been spending time wooing the kiddos.

We both always made sure that our couples looks perfect…..

…..and also looked extra perfect ourselves.

(Which Ben found so exhausting that he needed to lay down.)

There were fancy cars,

visits with pasts and future brides,

and times Ben brought his imaginary girlfriend along to shoot.

But that was most likely because he was jealous of Sarah’s affinity for Tim (the stool).

We each found ourselves standing in for our couples….

But Ben did it most glamorously . . .

There was cake . . . .

And gorgeous locations…

And couples so sweet we were sad to see their days end.

But more than anything 2018 was another amazing year spent doing what we love,

alongside each other

and the most fun and sweet couples on the planet.

So with our hearts more full than we ever could have imagined, we’re sending wishes of that same kind of joy to you this new year.

Here’s to love, laughter and even more adventures in the new year!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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