Ok. We’re just going to come out and say it. This month has been absolutely CRAZY. And we mean crazy in the absolute best of ways, like that kind of crazy Brittney Spears sang about oh so long ago. When she sings about being so excited and not being able to sleep? Oh Brittney, we’re right there with you sister. (And to all you blog readers let’s not pretend you didn’t own your very own copy of “Baby One More Time”. We know you did!)

This month has brought so much crazy-good-wonderful-non-stop-busy-greatness that it kind of feels unreal. We’ve travelled to Savannah and Disney World for some amazing sessions, gone on vacation for a week, tried our very first EVER Krispy Kreme doughnuts, fought addiction to said Krispy Kreme doughnuts, found out that we are going to be Featured on Style Me Pretty for the first time (ah!),  got braces and invisalign (and relearned the art of speech), celebrated our wedding anniversary, got Charlotte’s first real adult hair cut (cue tears) and shot some extraordinary weddings and sessions to boot. All while experiencing some pretty FAB new food and cocktails, including FRUISHI. (Yes, for the non-fish lovers out there they now make fruit sushi! Amazing!)

In short, life has been full of so many amazing people and events this past month that when we realized we hadn’t updated the blog in a week we weren’t even angry with ourselves. We have been spending tons of time out LIVING. Outside of the world of computer screens and yoga pants, shooting some truly wonderful weddings that we can’t wait to share with you all, and being present in these moments that we are so beyond thankful to have. So, because we feel like we need to share where we’ve been before we move forward, here is the past month in iPhone photos. Enjoy this little peek, and definitely stay tuned. Coming up next on the blog we have Georgie and Ron’s INSANELY cute Disney World engagement session and Kelly and Will’s classic firehouse wedding! Don’t miss them!

Happy Friday Friends!

Sarah & Ben


  1. Donna Boggs says:

    You guys are just to cute! Enjoy every moment.

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