2019 behind the scenes

Happy New Year friends! We hope everyone had a happy + healthy holiday full of sweet treats and even sweeter times with your favorite faces. If you’re feeling anything like us you’re a little bummed about how fast it all seemed to go by, so we thought a little laughter would help everyone ease outta those post-holiday blues. Because before we start a new year you KNOW we can’t leave the behind the scenes goodness of the last one unseen!  Here are our favorite (and sometimes most embarrassing 😉 snaps from the past year behind the scenes!

2019 was another amazing year filled so many memories of love and laughter

and we had so much fun we really don’t know where the time went!

There were just a feeeeeewww moments of silliness

and times where Ben let his beef with inanimate objects get the best of him…..

Like F’real.

He still hasn’t forgiven this bush.

But in his defense it was talking some SERIOUS smack.

There were weddings with surprises, like this one with a cameo from Chewbaca…

..and this one where Ben *almost* stood in for the bride during the first look ; )

We laughed ….


although sometimes our bad jokes juuuuusst didn’t land.

Ben continued to be the master of the light…

…and the master of the square dance.

Although sometimes he just didn’t know WHAT to do.

We got to shoot a session that was SO special to us, for our littlest brother’s engagement…

and also got to bring Oliver along to a shoot or two.

There was tons of time hanging out with sweet bridal parties……

and brides + grooms we couldn’t love doting on any more.

Ben as always had an eye for all the details….

There were derpy faces…..

and excited ones….

and the time we realized one of us may have a case of RBF.

And it wouldn’t be a year of Sarah & Ben if there wasn’t the *occasional* photo bomb by Sarah…

Sometimes even Tim the stool got in on the action of being in Ben’s way ; )

Luckily he’s a good sport.

There were cakes and dresses,

big families and small…..

and afternoons with our couples that felt more like double dates than engagement sessions.

We had a few rainy days..

And tons spent in the sun….

But no matter where we went or who we were with one thing was for certain.

It was another amazing year in some absolutely beautiful places….

photographing people with even more beautiful hearts.

To everyone that hopped in front of our cameras in 2019 we hope you know just how lucky we feel to have been a part of your lives this year! We can’t wait for another amazing year of SBP, we know it’s going to be epic! Because 2020 is officially the TEN year anniversary of our business, and you know we’re ready to get celebrating! Stay tuned for all the surprises and celebrations to come in 2020!

So much love, laughter, and wishes for your best year yet,

Sarah & Ben


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