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winter in maine


Mar 11, 2016

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have noticed a few more wintery selfies than our normal Florida climate allows, and that is because we spent the end of February up in Maine. Back in November we came up with this idea of trying to squeeze in a little bit of a true winter experience this year, and after falling in love with Maine last summer we were super stoked to return! Well, the weather turned out to be a little warmer than we planned, and we ended up needing only about half of the super thick thermal sweaters we lugged up north with us, but nonetheless Maine most definitely didn’t disappoint once again! We had so much fun spending six days exploring new parts of the state we hadn’t seen on our last visit, staying at some seriously charming bed and breakfasts, and making some new friends along the way! We even managed to find a bit of snow on our travels (and get in an evening of snow tubing!) so we are chalking this trip up as a mega success! Not to mention the fact that every direction you turn in this lovely place looks like it should be printed on a Christmas card. REALLY. We did our best of capturing it through a mix of camera and iphone shots, but every picture we took just left us sighing. Because pictures just won’t ever do it justice. . . .

Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0015Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0014Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0016

 . . . When you’re a wedding photographer who never gets to shoot in snow, you find yourself weirdly taking your own engagement ring off to photograph.

That’s not crazy..right?!

Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0019Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0020Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0017Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0022

We absolutely couldn’t get over how pretty all of the frozen lakes were.

There was such a lovely haze coming in off the water we could have sat and watched it forever . . .

Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0021Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0004Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0023Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0001

One of the strangest parts about Maine is how the beachy ocean vibe and the mountain vibe flow seamlessly into each other.

This was literally a day where we woke up to snow in the morning and then found ourselves walking the rocky coastline after lunch . . .

So much pretty!

Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0025Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0026Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0027

On one afternoon we walked the campus of Bowdoin College.

It seriously felt like a movie could have been filmed on the classic New Englandy campus. . .

Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0028

There are few places as peaceful as the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Fryeburg, ME.

If you’re ever up that way we can’t recommend the Old Saco Inn enough.

On our night there we went for a sunset walk around their 65 acres, and Maine stole a bit more of our hearts . . .

Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0031Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0030Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0002Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0029

One night we bundled up in our warmest clothes . . . .

Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0006

And went night tubing! It was far too much fun, and we giggled like kids all the way down the hill.


Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0010Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0003

Sarah legitimately thought these were tiny houses out on the ice, and couldn’t understand why someone would put their house out there.

And after a good 10 minute laugh at her expense, Ben explained the art of ice fishing . . . .

Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0024Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0005Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0007Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0032

It’s not a true Sarah & Ben vacation without setting up the tripod and self-timer for some portrait time.

Which always involves a lot of awkward laughter . . . .

Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0035Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0033Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0034Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0011

And we spent a wonderful afternoon meeting the lovely Spring of Spring Smith Studios.

She was so sweet to show us around (and take us for cupcakes) which pretty much just cemented the fact that we were meant to be besties.

Because CAKE.

Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0013

Once again we found ourselves so smitten with this place, and as we left we already couldn’t wait to return.

Maine captures our hearts in a way few places we’ve been ever have <3

Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0036Winter in Maine by Sarah & Ben Photography_0037

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