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One of the huge changes we wanted to make for the start of 2015 was to have an awesome mobile site. We know so many of our couples are just like us and do most of their internet browsing on the go (because who doesn’t like reading Buzzfeed articles in line at the grocery store?!) and we wanted all of our information to be just as accessible out in the world as it is at home. So we set out to find someone to make this idea into an awesomely easy to navigate reality.

Cue the ever so fabulous Rachael of Earl & Layne. She took our giant, desktop sized, website and smooshed it into a mobile-friendly vertical site that isn’t quite as complex but still screams Sarah & Ben. We are absolutely smitten with it, and we think you will be too : )

If you are a photographer, and need a better mobile presence, most definitely check Rachael out! And to everyone else,  head over to www.sarahben.com and take a peek! We hope you’ll bring a little bit of Sarah & Ben with you wherever you go!



Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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