university of tampa engagement: eric + darlyn

Eric and Darlyn are two of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet. And when you do meet them, you realize that not only are they exceptionally lovely on the inside, they are also basically supermodels. Honestly, what more could any photographer ask for?

The four of us met up one sunny morning at the University of Tampa, and we had so much fun talking about their wedding (which is coming up this month!) and watching their faces light up as they told us all about their new baby girl. We couldn’t have loved their outfit choices (can we just TALK about that short/skirt combo?!) or the easy way they loved on each other any more, and the entire two hours zipped by before we knew it. Which left us ready to spend more time with them immediately, and lucky for us in just a few short weeks we get to do just that!

Eric and Darlyn, we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with you guys so very soon! Hope you love these favorites as much as we loved taking them!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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