Three years ago today I was putting on a dress that was far more poofy and princess like than anything I would have ever thought I wanted. But, somehow, it seemed so very appropriate for me. For us. Because if felt like the kind of dress that would be part of the fairytale love story we were living.

Three years from one one hour from now, we said our vows to each other. You compared our love to some of the greatest love stories of all time, and I mentioned LOST, just because I knew it would make you smile. And you did. You smiled my favorite of all your smiles. The kind that makes your eyes so crinkly I can barely see them there.

Three years ago tonight we danced our last dance, and you sang Ben Folds softly in my ear. I cried, because that seemed like the only thing to do when I felt so full of love. And even there, surrounded by everyone who truly mattered to us and turning slowly on a dance floor, I wasn’t even a fraction as happy as I am three years later today. You are my best friend, my laughter, and every reason for my happy. And I hope you know that as much as I loved you three years ago, it pales in comparison to how much I love you today.

Happy Anniversary Benjam.

Photo Credit: Kellie Day Photography


  1. Donna Boggs says:

    Sooo sweet! Congrats heres to another 100 yrs.

  2. Heather Lamb says:

    Congrats friends!!!! Love u both!!!

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