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the spot nearest us


Jul 24, 2012

For the longest time she wasn’t allowed in the office. Or the kitchen. Or our bedroom. Or anywhere NEAR the laundry. Ben and I lived in a maze of baby gates that secured the areas where stray socks, or rolls of toilet paper, or anything that looked like a decent puppy-sized snack could be found. But, not too long ago, all of those baby gates came down. And now that she’s a little bit older, and a tad more responsible (even though she still can’t pass up the occasional ankle sock), we let Charlotte decide where she would like to spend her time in the house. A lot of the time she chooses napping under one of our chairs, but lately she has found a new spot. In the office we have these little black chairs that we use for bridal shows, and the occasional shoot. But, Charlotte has found a new use for them. She comes in, hops up, and just stares at us while we work. As if she’s double checking for accuracy. Or making sure we don’t skip over anything. Or make a typo when responding to an email. (She is a stickler when it comes to grammar). And even though she does this pretty much every day, it makes us laugh every time.

Today, when she came in and assumed her position, she sat there in a very posey/why-dont-you-ever-take-MY-picture-mom way. So I decided to document this new quirk of hers. To memorialize the fact that she is growing up, can be trusted around toilet paper (most of the time), and that even though she has an entire house to choose from, she always picks the spot nearest us.

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  1. Anonymous

    July 24th, 2012 at 10:38 PM

    That’s my grand dog!!!!

    Proud Papa