the selfie stick

If you followed along for our Maine Recap you know that we teased this a bit there. But guys, we have a confession to make.


Judge. Judge away. The old us would have. And then once you are done with your newfound feelings of grossness towards us as selfie-stick toting individuals, you may read on.

(We will pause here for general scowling and smack talking about the stupidity of this device and anyone who buys one).

We have to say that we never were the type of people who wanted one (because if you asked us there were few things more conceited  looking than having to carry around a special tool to take pictures of YOU), but when it was time to start packing for Maine the idea kind of creeped into our Sarah’s head. (Let the record show that Ben was NOT the originator of the selfie stick entering our household idea). We knew we would be doing a lot of adventuring, climbing mountains, seeing some pretty awesome views, and we wanted to document us there. Like, TOGETHER. And when you are a wedding photographer on vacation, you are always mega weary of handing your $4500 lens + camera combo to a complete stranger, who looks as though they are about to keel over from the ten mile hike they just did to get to the top of the mountain. (Cue nightmares of having your camera smash onto the boulders below, or even worse having to chase said stranger down a mountain as he/she makes off with your stuff. We’re just not that fit).

The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0005So three days before we left, a teeny package arrived at our door holding our new selfie stick. We laughed as we opened it, saying multiple times out loud how stupid it was and how hard we were judging us, just so the gods of coolness out there in the universe could know that we didn’t actually condone this purchase. It was just NECESSITY. And a few days later we found ourselves in Maine, getting it out for our very first vacation selfie. We loudly talked about how silly it was (again, so strangers around would know that we weren’t ACTUALLY on team selfie stick) and quickly took our picture before shoving it back into the bag as fast as humanly possible. Had anyone noticed us using it?! We hoped not.

The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0002But a couple days into vacation, something happened. We became totally oblivious of anyone’s opinion of how nonsensically ridiculous we looked (which at times was most definitely pretty ridiculous) because we were absolutely smitten with the fact that we were going to head home with so many pictures of us together. There were sweaty mid-hike selfies that perfectly captured just how tired we were in that moment, and selfies with our favorite lighthouses. There were picnic selfies and cow selfies, and even one from the highest peak in all of Acadia. Yes, they’re just slightly blurry iPhone pictures, but they are some of our most favorite ones of the trip. Because they are of us, on our adventure, together.

And if you ask us, that’s worth looking a little silly to remember.

Love + Laughs ( and go get a selfie stick!),

Sarah & Ben

The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0003The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0001The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0006The Selfie Stick by Sarah & Ben Photography_0004


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