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This past month we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, and as we sat at dinner recounting favorite memories of our almost ten years together we realized that over time certain memories have gotten a bit foggy. That we were becoming those people who disagreed about how events had happened, or what order they had happened in. And this made me terrified. I have always pictured us being wrinkly 80 year olds, holding hands and recounting all of our favorite laughs and sweet memories, but now I worry we won’t be able to remember all of it. After all, we’re only five years in and we recently spent fifteen minutes trying to remember when on our wedding night we opened our gifts.

Since we’re having a hard time remembering some of these big things, I am even more worried that we are going to forget about the little things. Like what if I one day can’t remember the night we were working late in the office, and Ben was singing every Maroon 5 song as his self-made character “Mort, the old man who is Maroon 5’s biggest fan”? Or when we were out shopping and you made it your mission to find me every pair of discounted Kate Spade socks in the store? I know when I look back I am going to remember that our’s was a life spent loving and laughing, but I want to make sure I remember each and every little thing that contributed to it. So I’ve decided to start keeping track of some of my favorite “little things” that happen each month, as a sort of diary of random Sarah & Benisms. Because in sixty years, I want us to look back at every moment and entwine our fingers a little tighter as we recount it all.

These may not mean much to anyone else reading this, but each and every one of these is part of our story, and because of that, they mean so much to me.

April’s Little Things

The Anniversary

When we both promised we weren’t going to do anything crazy, and Ben woke me up with breakfast in bed. And when I already felt like he had done so much, there were flowers in a vase on the kitchen table that had every type of flower from my wedding bouquet five years before. Because he’s the kind of guy that notices those sorts of things.

The Pedi Date

When I got a sudden urge to get pedis and Starbucks girly style and he agreed to be my date just because. So we sat side by side, getting our nails filed while sipping our Frappuccinos, and daydreaming about vacations we were one day going to take.

The Egg Hunt

Being dead asleep and waking up with a little plastic egg in my hand. And as I opened it and found the clue to start me on my very own easter egg hunt, being amazed he had pulled something like that off without me noticing a single thing. That morning I felt like he was the most magical human in the world.IMG_5488

The Hot Sauce

When we were going through a phase of binge watching Cutthroat Kitchen while we ate dinner, and one night Ben realized he needed to get the hot sauce. So he waited until Alton announced they had 60 seconds to shop, and then ran into the kitchen frantically grabbing tons of random things contestant style. I am pretty sure I hadn’t laughed that hard in the longest time.

The Afternoon Walk

Specifically the one where I found that perfectly heart shaped leaf, and as the cool wind blew and the sun turned the sky every color we knew, I took a minute to revel in the wonderful that is our life.


Love + Laughs (and Happy Friday!)



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