the little things: the stalking and the virtual groceries

It’s that time again friends! In a life that has become so gloriously full of wedding work, just the way we always dreamed it would be, stopping for a minute in the middle of a month to recount all the little things I sometimes forget to be thankful for has become one of my most favorite parts. So whether you need a little reminder to take a time out this month and notice your own little things, or because you need a good giggle, welcome to another round of The Little Things!

The Little Things: September 2016

The Virtual Groceries

There was a moment last month where I just NEEDED something sweet in order to continue with life. But just as much as I longed for cookies, cakes and pie, I also reaaaaalllly didn’t want to put on pants that had any sort of actual buttons. Or move. So what transpired was the most futuristic edition of grocery shopping ever, in which my ever so patient husband walked the aisles of Publix with camera phone in hand, showing me each and every option in the bakery. And the cake mix aisle. And the ice cream freezers and refrigerated cookies.img_0124 I think love is being ok with looking crazy to the rest of the world, and if that’s true, ours is the big kind of love. Because it’s most definitely the big kind of crazy ; )


The Time We Got a Little Stalkery

If you follow along on Insta you know that we took a super fast, whirlwind drip out to L.A. for the amazing (and oh so nerdy!) event that was the LOST concert. We were in town for 48 glorious hours, had never seen any of California’s amazing sights, and packed SO much seeing and eating into those two days. img_0122Which is why Ben got bonus points for not refuting my crazy request of deciding we should maaaaayybe try and find T Swift’s house (because I couldn’t imagine us meeting and NOT becoming best friends.) He didn’t look at me like a stalker as I Googled the address, and even did a second drive by all on his own, just so I could get an extra glimpse at her super scary security guard. When we made our marriage vows, I don’t think he knew that stalkerish behavior was included in the “for worse” part of that section, but I love that he’s up for it any ways.


The Bike

I got a BIKE! It is yellow and looks super old school and makes me the happiest little inner-95 year-old, 29 year old there ever was. And watching Ben take it out of the car so carefully, and measuring how much I needed my seat lowered and handlebars adjusted made my heart so full. Not because he was doing something for me, but because he simply doesn’t know any other way than taking care of people. And as he oh-so-sweetly installed my polka dot basket (for Charlotte’s obligatory ride alongs) I couldn’t help but imagine him doing this for someone much smaller than me one day, and feeling so lucky for whoever that little someone would be.


Love + Laughs,


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