the little things: the kissing, the escaping and the modeling

Happy Monday friends, and Happy 2017! (Are people still saying that?! I feel like as a culture we need to have a verified cut off mark, because I never really know when it stops being appropriate. I have a feeling we will be celebrating 4th of July and I’ll still be rocking my sparkly 2017 glasses ; )

We are on the road today, heading up to Orlando for a four day work retreat and are SO beyond excited to unplug, take a break from all the day to day distractions and busy work and hunker down to make some big plans for this new year. And, let’s be real, we may even drink something of the umbrella’d variety while we do it. (Because dreaming big is hard, ya’ll).

It’s insane to think that this time SIX years ago, after shooting for a while without committing, we had just finally gotten brave enough to make this little dream of ours official and get a business license. And even though I am still getting used to writing a 7 in place of a 6, I know this year is going to be our best one yet, because it already started in the most of amazing of ways (see little thing #2!). And as always, before we move forward I have to take a minute and look back at all of my favorite little things that made the last month (or two months in this case!) something I can’t help but be so very thankful for.

The Little Things: Holiday 2016 Edition

The Escape Artists

It isn’t really much of a secret to anyone who follows along on our Insta account or Facebook (or just talks to us for longer than 5 minutes because I will totaaaallly find a way to work it in) that I am room escape OBSESSED! I couldn’t possibly love finding clues any more, get so very excited for a super tough riddle, and adore cracking codes with the best of them. Basically, It’s taken 29 years to admit, but as I push up my black rim glasses a little higher on my nose, I am more than proud to say that internet, I AM A NERD. But the darling thing about this is that Ben has totally accepted and embraced this nerdiness, agreeing to become a puzzle solving duo and indulging my requests to  go ALL the time. Like, “we’re deep in the double digits”, nobody else wants to go that much, all the time. And every time we’re in the middle of a room, whether stuck on a puzzle or easily breezing through, I have a little moment where I stop and love him just a little harder. Because going to 16 room escapes is the kind of thing you do with your best friend, and I just so happen to be lucky enough to be married to mine.



The New Year’s Kiss

It isn’t uncommon for us to have a wedding on New Year’s Eve. In fact, I am pretty sure we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if we happened to have one free (are sweatpants appropriate party attire?! I’m asking for a friend.) And this year was no different, as we spent our last day of 2016 with a ridiculously sweet couple at their Oxford Exchange wedding day. But what WAS uncommon was that right at midnight, even though I didn’t expect it because we were documenting an epic balloon drop and were totally in work mode, I found myself being dipped backwards on the grand staircase of one of the prettiest buildings of Tampa, getting a surprise New Year’s kiss of my own. And even though it was super quick, and maybe not as graceful as I picture in my mind, it was ours. Starting this year with a surprise felt like the perfect way to kick things off, because I know this year is going to be full of them!



Our Close-Up

I don’t really have much to say about this that Laura Foote’s stunning pictures don’t, but I couldn’t be more thankful for this little time capsule of our family right now. And in the middle of busy season and the most chaotic of weeks, it was amazing to take an hour and focus on nothing else but laughing and loving on each other. Well, that and just how cute Charlotte looked in her winter hat!



As always nothing makes our hearts happier than hearing all about the little things that filled YOUR past month, so make our day and leave us a comment below!

Hope your year is off to every bit as wonderful of a start as ours and, whether you’re out of town this week or not, you take a break to have a drink with an umbrella in it too!

Love + Laughs,


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