the little things: crazy voices & old school ankle weights

Happy Friday friends! I can think of no better way to end the week (and start off this awesome month of love!) than by recounting my favorite little things from last month! If your new to these posts, check out the very first one HERE, and if you hang out on the blog often welcome back! This series has easily started to become a highlight of the month for me, and this month’s post is most definitely no exception. So here are the little heart-warming marriage moments from January that comprise my favorite little things!


The Little Things: January 2016

The Ankle Weights

For as long as I can remember, Ben’s always done the heavy lifting in our lives. There was the time we went to Chicago and he wheeled ALL of our luggage through the bumpy city streets (even though my bags were double the size of his) and all the times he’s worn my purse out in public because my shoulders were sore from our wedding the day before. Yes, I know that a lot of this is just being a gentleman, but this guy takes it to an extreme. And I stopped to sincerely appreciate this after one of our weddings last month. We were both tired after a wonderful wedding day, and our car was parked so very far away from the reception space. And as we loaded up everything to leave, I grabbed my usual fair-n-square load of one lightstand (complete with the fancy 10 lb 1980’s ankle weight we use to weigh it down) while he took the other set. But as soon as we got outside to begin our trek to the car, he simply took mine. Not because I asked or because I was complaining about it’s weight. But because he wanted to make my load lighter, even if that meant doubling his. And in that moment, I was positive that true love could easily be conveyed by ankle weights.


The Voices

I love reading. Like REALLY. (Yes, as I tell you this I am ever so nerdily pushing my glasses up my nose a bit and adjusting my pocket protector ; )  So when I made reading more often one of my goals for 2016, Ben got on the bandwagon as well, and we resumed our old habit of reading at bedtime. Every night before it’s time to go to sleep we cuddle up with Charlotte, and Ben (who is the designated read-alouder) cracks open the pages of whatever book we’re currently on. And as we started a new book at the beginning of the month, I couldn’t help but smile to myself when he got to the dialogue bits. Because there were full-on, legit, in character voices being used for each person. We’re talking grizzly British accents and EVERYTHING. I laughed because it sounded funny, but I smiled because of the fact that he’s the kind of person who reads in silly voices. Not because it’s required, or because he even gave it a second thought. He’s just the kind of soul that doing this sort of thing comes completely natural to, and I’m the kind of soul who loves him for it.


The Bug

Do you ever have moments where emotions hit you out of nowhere, for no seemingly good reason? They seem to come on so swiftly there was honestly no predicting their arrival, and you find yourself feeling surprised at how deeply something you would normally see as mundane could affect you?  (Ladies, I KNOW you get me). Well one of those moments happened for me near the end of last month. It had gotten cold outside, which apparently meant that all of Florida’s gross wildlife had felt the need to move indoors, and I found myself in a standoff with a roach we had spotted in our kitchen. (Cue the girly faces of disgust!) It had quickly scurried out of sight, and I had decided that I was perfectly content to order takeout for the rest of our married lives because returning to the kitchen ever again was simply not an option. And Ben didn’t tell me I was being ridiculous (even though my fear of these things is uncontrollably irrational and overdramatic) or get angry at my refusal to continue cooking dinner. He instead spent 45 minutes taking our kitchen apart until he found and disposed of the cause of my anxiety. Yes interwebs, my husband committed a murder for me as an act of love. (I’ve pretty much decided we may be featured on the second season of Making A Murderer). I could have cried at how dedicated he was to making me feel ok about returning to the kitchen (or he was just dedicated to being fed). Either way, I never knew that a can of Raid could fill my heart so much.

As always, we love hearing all about YOUR  marriage moments, so share a favorite memory (big or small)  from the past month in the comments below! Let’s spend this whole month celebrating love <3

Love + Laughs ( + happy Friday!)



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  1. Ashley says:

    You two are awesome.

    My favorite little thing moment from last month came over a weekend. I picked up extra shifts and was working a 13 hour Saturday and opening the following morning on Sunday.
    I came home late Saturday and found a piece of my favorite cheesecake ready for me in the fridge, realized that my Monday grocery shopping ritual was already done, and on Sunday I woke up to a homemade breakfast.
    My husband does a great job at spoiling me. But like you said in Ankle Weights, it made my heart overflow that he took on extra just to make my load lighter.

    • Sarah & Ben says:

      Love that Ashley (especially that the grocery shopping was done!) So sweet! Cheesecake is hands down Ben’s favorite dessert, so in our house love can definitely take the form of a slice!

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