the little things: carlas & kiddos

Happy Friday friends! And welcome to another round of The Little Things! If you’re new to these posts, check out the very first one HERE, and if you hang out on the blog often welcome back! This series has easily started to become a highlight of the month for me, and I’m as always I’m so pumped to share my favorite heart-filling moments of the past month!


The Little Things: February 2016

The Carla Guginos

It started at a random Tuesday morning breakfast date.  After ordering one on a whim, the McLachlan household has now become absolutely OBSESSED with cappuccinos. It’s become a daily (and very expensive) habit that we know we need to break, but that vanilla creaminess topped with cinnamon sprinkle is just too good to say no to most days. That being said, this obsession has also given birth to one of my  new favorite “Sarah & Ben-isms”, which is what we call said cappuccinos. Because (like most things in life) they of course don’t go by their normal name, but instead are called Carla Guginos. Why you ask? That is something I absolutely cannot answer. It has probably been years since we have watched one of her movies.

IMG_7493 One morning I simply turned to Ben and asked if he wanted to go get a Carla Gugino, and without pausing for a minute or asking for further information he said “sure”. Like it was the most normal thing in the world. And off to Starbs we went. Since then, this nickname has developed into further strangeness, and is now simply known as “going for Carlas”. Whoever said love was just based on mutual weirdness couldn’t have been more spot on.


The Table

The longer we’ve been together, the less traditional our gifting process has gotten. And I have to admit, I kind of love it. I adore that I’m comfortable enough to tell Ben he doesn’t need to shower me with heart shaped boxes of candy and flowers (even though he does any ways), because there isn’t a gift in the world that could make me feel more loved than he already does. (And, let’s be real, I get kind of spoiled with random “just because” gifts more often than I should). And Valentine’s Day this year was no different. I woke up to flowers I wasn’t expecting, but afterwards we went shopping at Lowe’s. Like, for LUMBER.IMG_7512 I had been wanting to get a table for our office that would allow us to create some awesome product shots, and on V-Day Ben decided he would just build me one. (Because unlike me he’s incredibly crafty).  My love day gift this year wasn’t traditional or sparkly, and it only cost $27. But just like the man who made it, it was just perfect for me.


The One Where He Melted My Heart

Last month we took a Monday off of work, and piled into the car of some of our dearest friends to go have a family day at the fair. We ate far too much junk, pet some of my most favorite animals (I’m looking at you highland cow!) and had a blast taking in all of the ever-so-strange sights that a fair brings to town. But more than fried stick foods and carnival games, my favorite part of this day was just watching Ben with their sweet kids. IMG_7762He gave piggy back rides like a champ and piled onto the most nauseating of rides without question. And watching him be silly with them melted my heart in a way few things could. One day, he truly is going to be the very best dad. And I’m going to be the lucky one with a front row seat.

As always, we love hearing all about YOUR  relationship moments, so share a favorite memory (whether it’s a little thing or a big one!)  from the past month in the comments below!

Love + Laughs ( + Happy Friday!)


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