the little things: broken shorts & spaceship boxes

Guys, I am SO, so thankful it is finally September! Even though it doesn’t feel like anything even close to Fall yet in Florida, just the idea that pumpkin everything is soon going to be back in full swing and we may get a *slight* cold chill is enough to make me start unpacking my leggings and scarves. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t just absolutely love Fall?! I think NOT.

August went by SO incredibly fast, not only because Ben and I were completing a Whole 30 (has anyone else out there tried this?!) but also because our schedule ended up being straight up cray. Yes, not crazy. But full on CRAY CRAY. Which makes me all the more thankful for these teeny moments where I make myself slow down and look at just how darn awesome this little life we’ve built really is. Which brings me to my favorite little things of August!

 The Little Things: August 2015

The Broken Shorts

For those of you that follow along on Facebook and Instagram, you may have seen that Ben took a bit of a spill at an engagement session the last weekend of August. He needed a few stitches and got a preeeettty fancy cast for his left hand, but thankfully was still able to shoot again soon after (thank you photography gods for protecting his right hand!) So he has been a pretty sad sight around our house with all of his cuts and scrapes, but has still been trying to do just as much as ever (just with a little more flair ; ) Well, as we had been getting all of our stuff together for the cruise we are on this week, I noticed that one of the hems on a favorite pair of shorts had come undone, but I am basically the worst girl ever and have absolutely NO sewing skills. So I had pretty much decided these shorts were going to have to be dead to me, and just as I was getting ready to begin their funeral, what does my sweet, basically one-handed husband do?! Watch a 20 minute Youtube video on the basics of sewing, break out our emergency sewing kit and hunker down at our kitchen table to fix my shorts.The entire thing was just so adorable I had to sneak a picture, and when he caught me he couldn’t understand why I’d wanted one. “There’s nothing special about this”, he said.

I told him there was EVERYTHING special about it.The Little Things by Sarah & Ben Photography



The Time We Were Models

This month Ben and I were lucky enough to get to model for a ridiculously pretty styled shoot, put on by an awesome fellow photographer. It was kind of one of those things I signed us up for without really asking Ben about (does anyone else do this to their spouse?!) but as usual he was pretty much up for anything. And so we found ourselves in fancy clothes and full hair + makeup on a farm one random Friday. It turned out to be so, so much fun, and while I went into it just expecting to get a few pretty pictures of us, what we got was a perfectly romantic afternoon together. And as we sat on the couch, laughing as he tried to feed me strawberries through my giggles, I couldn’t help but feel like this couldn’t possibly be real life. Because 10 years in, he still looks at me with excitement in his eyes, and smiles the kind of smiles that seem to put one on my face too. This life may be crazy and chaotic and far more yoga-pants filled than we planned, but there are so many moments like this, of such pure perfection, that it’s impossible not to be in love with every minute of it.

Styled Shoot by Artful Adventures Photography_0001

Photos by Artful Adventures Photography 

Styled Shoot by Artful Adventures Photography_0002


The Box

About 1/3 of the way through our Whole 30, we decided we deserved a treat. And since the usual cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream were off the table, we did what any 30-going on-75 year old adults would do. We got REALLY jazzed about getting a new set of pots and pans. (Honestly, you would have thought we were 13 year old girls waiting for a J Beebs cd to come in the mail.) We were just THAT excited! So the pans arrived and I of course began unpacking them immediately, and just casually tossed the giant box they had arrived in down as I began exploring all of the different pot/pan lid combos. And a few minutes later when I looked up to show Ben just how awesome this new steamer lid was, I couldn’t get the words out before bursting into  laughter. You see, I didn’t look up to see my husband. I looked up and found this:

The Little Things by Sarah & Ben Photography

A box/human hybrid of my husband, accompanied by our cone-of-shamed Charlotte looking at me like everything was totally normal. (Because in our house, I guess this sort of thing kind of is). And yes it was just so ridiculous, and someone else may even say stupid or childish. But to me, it’s a little part of why I just love this guy so much. Because I know one day when we have a family of our own, he’ll be the first one to suggest taking the giant refrigerator box outside to build a spaceship or fort. And our little versions of him who have just as much of his silly spirit will happily trod along behind him knowing that their dad makes everything just a bit more fun and exciting. Just like I feel each and every day.


Happy September friends! Make sure to follow along for all of my favorite Little Things to come, and don’t forget to share some of your favorite little things in the comments below!


Love + Laughs,



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