the little things: bagels and acro yoga

Well friends, just like that, another month is gone. I’m not sure if it’s due to being so busy that the days seem to fly by, or just a result of getting older and actually cherishing things like the time to take a nap (do you remember being 3 and boycotting naps?! What was young us THINKING?!) but it seems I’ve barely started on the month’s to-do list before we’re jumping to the next. Realizing this, it makes me so glad that I’ve started this little things project. Because with life moving as fast as it does, taking the time to slow down and keep track of all the happy-hearted moments has become one of my favorite ways to start each new month.

 The Little Things: May 2015


The Surprise Date Night

Ben saved up his very own allowance (yes we operate on an allowance system in the Sarah & Ben household) and surprised me with a date night one random evening. We hit up a restaurant I had been dying to try, and saw a movie at the always romantic Tampa Theater. It even rained Notebook style, and as we were running to the car laughing about not having an umbrella I realized how great even the rainy days are with someone who makes you smile.

And steak. Life is pretty good with steak.


The Bagel Episode

When I got a craving of a very specific variety, and drove all the way out to Dunkin’ Donuts just to get an everything bagel with cream cheese. Except when I got home, I realized there was no cream cheese in the bag. So I went out to the nearest store and got some, just to come home, spread it on my bagel, take a bite, and realize that it had gone bad. And then I cried. That “I don’t know why this is happening, frustrated, feel like an idiot for crying over a bagel” type of cry. Ben hugged me, said something silly, and we moved on. But an hour later he came out of nowhere with a perfectly toasted, everything bagel with cream cheese. As much as I love carbs, I loved him even more.


The Bumps

This has been a thing for a while, but I took a step back to appreciate it this month. It isn’t unusual for me to be running just slightly late when we have to leave the house (because if I could just get ONE more thing on my to-do list done before I head out the door the world would completely change), so doing my makeup in the car has become a regular occurrence. And every time, when I get to eyeliner, Ben always announces the bumps. And never has caring about someone’s retinal health felt so sweet.


The Basket

When we went to Target on a random, mid-day office supply run. And I turned around to find Ben like this:


Completely unashamedly wearing a basket on his head, not caring what any of the people staring thought, just wanting to me make me smile. It worked.


The Living Room Acrobatics

How we’ve taken to teaching ourselves acro yoga, with no actual training or guidance. We simply watched one Youtube video of fails, thought we could do better, and began attempting what we have dubbed “The Flying Bird” pose in our living room on a regular basis. I wish I could take a step outside of ourselves and watch us, failing miserably most every time, and laughing until either I fall or Charlotte attacks Ben’s face with kisses. It is crazy, and silly, and so very random. But it’s just so perfectly US.


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