the little sister

Last month our family grew by one. And before you get too excited and think that we’re about the drop a baby bomb on you, let us just say that this one little thing had four paws and a whole lot of fur. That’s right, there’s a new puppy in the family!

Sarah’s parents (who are officially empty nesters now) decided to add a little lady to their house, and we are utterly smitten with our new little sister. (Just don’t tell Charlotte how obsessed with her we are.)

Internet, meet Abby.

She is the cutest little King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, who just so happens to be a professional puppy model.

She’s got her photographic head tilt on LOCK.

Our New Sister by Sarah & Ben Photography_0002

I mean REALLY. This dog may just grow up to give Charlotte a run for her money when it comes to smizing like a pro!

Our New Sister by Sarah & Ben Photography_0003

But she does also have the sharpest, most shark-like puppy teeth EVER that latch onto anything and everything in sight.

Including your hair. And clothes. And fingers (We’ve got the teeny tiny teeth marks to prove it).

Our New Sister by Sarah & Ben Photography_0001

Luckily she’s so darn cute you don’t mind being her human teething ring.

Because with floppy ears like these you can preeeeettty much get away with anything you want ; )

Our New Sister by Sarah & Ben Photography_0004Hope this little dose of cuteness puts a little pep in your Friday step!

(And that your weekend is full of so much fun it leaves with you a face like this. . . . )Our New Sister by Sarah & Ben Photography_0005


Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben


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