the jar

For the longest time I have had all of these things in my head. Things that I wanted, and knew would happen eventually, but couldn’t possibly happen soon because there were too many things in the way. Wishes of things that would someday be, but that couldn’t be right now. So I put all of these wishes away in a little jar in the back of my head, with the very good intention of taking them out someday when everything was just right. Someday, when we owned our own house, I would make that home feel like ours. And someday Ben and I would find the time to go out and shoot just for fun. Someday we would be the type of people who ate well and exercised. Someday I would learn another language. Someday we would grow our family, when every other inch of life was perfect and ready. But the problem with somedays is that they aren’t marked on a calendar, so how do you know when someday is actually here?

The truth is, somedays never get here. Ever. And I’ve realized recently that if you live a a life of somedays, what you are going to have to look back on is a life of pretty uneventful days, spent waiting for everything to be just perfect before you allow your own version of perfect to start.

This year, we’re taking the lid off of our own jar, and we challenge you to do the same. Ben’s learning how to unicycle (and NAILING it), we’re learning french together, traveling to a new country, making time to eat better and shoot more for us, and we’re officially starting to make our house (which we have lived in for three years now) feel like our home. Because even though we might not live here someday, we do today. And that’s worth enjoying every bit as much.

Love + Laughs,





  1. Priscilla Knapp says:

    Love this! Sooo inspirational!

  2. Beckie Hawkins says:

    Love this!! Very inspiring and motivating!

  3. Dotty Spillers Etris says:

    Great message for all to embrace

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