the friday five

Happy Friday everyone! I know it’s been a bit since a Friday Five has graced the blog, but that is not because there hasn’t been tons of stuff happening around here! In fact, I think it’s because there has been TOO much happening! We’ve got an awesome (and super close!) Photo Contest happening over on our Facebook page, and some pretty fab shoots lined up this month! Tomorrow we’re doing a big day out in the city, and next weekend an evening at the fair. We are SO stinkin’ excited! But we’ll get to all that in time. For now, on to the Friday Five!

This Week’s Fab Five


Yes that’s right, I said THOUSAND. This week on our Facebook page we reached the 1,000 fan mark, and I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me all sentimental inside. I remember when I was so amped about our little 50 person following (that consisted mostly of our family), and I can’t believe how far we’ve come! Thank you so much to everyone for all the love and support, we are so very happy to have you along for our crazy ride : )


Two: The Thrift Shop Song

This week, something life changing occurred in our household. We discovered The Thrift Shop Song. And while I realize this is by no means new in the real world, in our little bubble where we don’t keep up with anything current it is BRAND NEW. And listened to on repeat, multiple times a day. Ben and I have decided we need to make our own rendition of the music video, with sweet slow-mo rap video moves and everything. And let’s be real, it would just be another excuse to put Charlotte in something ridiculous ; ) And because you deserve a Friday treat, you should totally head over to Youtube and  give it a listen. It’s RIDIC! (If you have little ears in the room you will want to search for the clean version ; )


Three: A Night Out

Instead of watching the Super Bowl this week we went for a night out on the town and had the very best time. I was bummed to miss all of the snack size finger foods that usually come with that whole football thing, but we saw the most amazing show called “Traces“. It was full of insane acrobatics, dance, and tons of french accents which always make our ears swoon. If it is touring in a city near you, definitely check it out!


Four: The Flea Market

I am not usually one for flea markets. The disorganized way things are displayed. The dustiness. My super tidy self sometimes can’t take it. But, lucky for me, Ben is the type of person who is all about flea markets, so every now and again we go to one and I end up so impressed with the stuff we find! This week we got the most AWESOME 1930’s film projector and I am absolutely in love. I think it looks like something out of a Restoration Hardware catalog, but it came with a flea market price ; )


Five: Charlotte’s Play Date

Charlotte has her very FIRST play date ever this weekend. She is going to brunch and the puppy park with her new best friend Pita, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like a proud mom. She’s leaving the nest and making friends (and as I bonus I get to eat some delish pancakes!)


This Week’s Un-Fab Five

One: Ahhh….the PAIN!!!

Ok. So when you eat as many cupcakes as I do, there may come a day where  you are seeing a little too much red velvet proof on your bod. And when that day comes, you will find yourself at the gym, with a brand new 3-time-a-week workout routine. And after said gym routine you will realize that you hurt EVERYWHERE. This week has been the only time I have hated how funny Ben is. Every time he makes me laugh it is like a million little monsters taking a sledgehammer to the sore spot where my abs should be. And I am pretty sure he is trying to be extra funny just to torture me ; )


I sat for a long, long, looooong time, and honestly could not think of anything else that was less than fabulous this week. It has been a pretty wonderful week complete with three brand new weddings, the most consults we’ve ever had in one week, and so much insanely wonderful support. Because I have no shame and am totally ok being the over-sharer that I am, I am completely cool with telling you I happy cried probably about three to four times this week. There are absolutely no words to say how thankful, amazed or flat-out surprised I feel on a daily basis. To be doing something I love, with the one I love, every single day is the most overwhelmingly wonderful feeling, and I couldn’t be more grateful or humbled for every single one of you.

Here’s a wish for a wonderful weekend, followed by an even more wonderful week!


Love + Laughs,



P.S…In his continuing quest to make me hurt laugh, Ben just popped in with a corny joke that I thought I’d pass along : )

How do stars have a party?

They planet!!! Get it?! Like “Plan it?!” Happy Friday!




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