the first birthday

One year ago today we were headed to the hospital to meet the little boy who would change our lives forever. It was three weeks before we had planned on his arrival, and we weren’t really prepared for all the emotions the next 24 hours would bring. But at 11:49 that night, the best thing that ever happened to us was bundled up in a little striped blanket and put into our arms. We were just in awe of every bit of him, and even a year later it’s hard to believe he’s ours when we look at his silly faces or get one of his many unprompted hugs.

We’ve never shared much about our delivery experience. Which, if you’ve been around here long enough, probably seems a little strange (because it’s been our habit since 2010 to share EVERYTHING). But meeting Oliver for the first time felt so monumentally special and deeply personal that it was hard for us to share those moments here. Like the bright glow of a computer screen somehow took away from their sanctity. But today, on his first birthday, we wanted to take a minute to remember just what a special place the world became when he entered it.

Happy birthday to the sweetest of little boys, we feel so lucky to be yours.

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

All images by our dear friend Ailyn La Torre Photography


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