the bow

I clutched the satin between my fingers and pulled tight. This would be a knot that truly lasted, just like the promise she would make to him later that day. I pulled the ends through just the right amount and made sure they were even in the perfect way, before giving her the ok to turnaround. And in that moment it hit me. That we aren’t just picture takers and memory preservers, or outsiders simply hired to do an eight hour work day. We’re friends and confidants, planners and guides, and everything else our couples need us to be for them on their wedding day’s. And while I’ve known for years how truly invested we become in each of the love stories we are lucky enough to have shared with us, there was something that tugged at my heart so much about THIS. That in a room full of people, most of which this bride had known for her years, she turned to me and asked me to tie the bow that would be the finishing touch of her dress that day. That she trusted ME to make it just right.

Behind the Scenes with Sarah & Ben_0001

Years ago, when we began this adventure, we knew it would be filled with love and pretty things. We knew we would get to give couples the gift of seeing their relationships for the epic love stories that they are. But in a million years we never could have known how much of a gift they would give US. How much our hearts would grow with every wedding day we we were welcomed into or how lucky we would feel to be trusted with such important moments in time. Years ago, I never could have guessed how much more this job would be than just clicking a shutter, but my full heart is so, so very glad that it is.

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