The Big Two Seven!

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Stage 4:

In what has been almost one third of my life, I have gotten to celebrate countless birthdays for the one person that I have absolutely no doubt I love unconditionally. Today is Sarah’s birthday. She has said,“27 isn’t a special birthday. It isn’t a milestone, so don’t go crazy!”

Well, I can’t think of a person that deserves a fourth of July, fireworks finale, Gasparilla sized parade to honor them. You aren’t just a wife to me, you are my favorite person. The person I can trust. The person, out of all the people in the world, I know is my unique puzzle piece that fits so perfectly with me. Here is a little tidbit on how special 27 is…

Did you know that 27 is the only positive integer that is 3 times the sum of its digits? How fantastic is that? How special would that make you feel? That’s the age of the woman that I get to spend the rest of my fantastic life making smile! Yes, in amongst all this birthday love, Sarah would also want you to learn a thing or two. You already learned a little Math, so lets finish with some Science or “Sarah Science.” This year Sarah’s Atomic Number is 27, which is Cobalt. A beautiful shade of blue and also a chemical used in sheep diets to keep them healthy and help with growing thick wool! How is that for a major milestone birthday fact!







To say simply “Happy Birthday” would be doing such an injustice to my own emotions and feelings. It feels like I should shout “THANK YOU!” to the heavens until my voice is broken and weak. That is the birthday that you truly deserve and I cannot wait to celebrate the next 75 birthdays with your hand firmly in mine!


Happy 27th Birthday!


Sarah & Ben by Ian Holmes Photography_0027


  1. Debra N James Dyer says:

    Simply beautiful. Happy Birthday, Sara!

  2. Jamey Crider says:

    How absolutely beautiful!!!! Your love for each other shines!!! Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!

  3. Angela Reino says:

    Happy birthday!! This post was beautiful, you’ve got yourself a keeper for sure! Hope you have an awesome day. 🙂

  4. Margaret Mclachlan says:

    happy birthday Sarah……..mutt

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