tampa proposal: andrew + kristen

From the very first phone call from Andrew we were excited to document his proposal to Kristen. Not only because he seemed so excited about it, but because I could tell just from talking to him that he was putting so much care and thought into making it just perfect for her.

So last Friday we met him at Picnic Island Park at 2:30 in the afternoon, while Kristen thought he was at the gym. (Don’t you just love surprises?!) The three of us walked the path he would later walk for the last time with his girlfriend, planning the details that would make her his fiancé. And after chatting for a bit we scoped out where we’d each sneakily be hidden, then said our goodbyes until we would meet again as “strangers” at 5:30. And waiting those 3 hours was SO. HARD.

When 5:30 rolled around, we found ourselves at the park nervously pacing, waiting for the two of them to get there and playing out how it would go in our minds. (There was some debate, but we think our hearts *may* just have been beating as fast as Andrew’s). And suddenly before we knew it, the two of them were walking hand in hand towards the deck where Andrew was going to get on one knee. He presented Kristen with the sweetest little album of images, each labeled with the memories and moments they commemorated, and at the very end of the album she got to a picture she hadn’t seen before. This one just so happened to be of the very spot she was standing, and it was labeled “this is where we got engaged”. And suddenly Andrew was on one knee, and Kristen was waving her hands in the way girls do only when they’re being proposed to, and the rest went by in a perfect, emotional blur. They were engaged!

Andrew and Kristen, we just loved getting to preserve this moment for you guys and couldn’t be more excited for your wedding planning process to begin! Hope you love these as much as we loved taking them!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben



  1. DIANA MEHLMAN says:

    Beyond beautiful.
    Captures love and a kind quiet peaceful intimate moment. Perfect!!!

  2. Beautiful story line and photos of a moment in time we will always cherish!

    Thank you, Sarah and Ben for your talent in preserving this time in the lives of two young, very talented people who we love.

    • Sarah & Ben says:

      Thank you Ginny and Dick! Even after spending just a short time with these two we adore them already, and were so thankful to be a part of such an amazing moment for them <3

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