tampa lifestyle family session: the champions

Every time I shoot one, a Tampa lifestyle family session fills a place in my heart that I didn’t know taking photos could. They aren’t just pretty snaps, they aren’t inspired by specific recreations of things someone saw on social media, and they aren’t about anything other than the real life people at the center of them. Quite simply, they are about connection over perfection, and every single time I put a final gallery together I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the fact that they make you feel every bit as good as they look.

Looking at these images of the oh-so-sweet Champion family, all of this rings so true. I adore that every image brings back the energy that filled their walls that morning. You can hear the laughter and feel the warmth between the three of them as they stirred the muffin mix and chased their kiddo as his tiny feet slapped on the kitchen floor. They’re cozy and silly and so perfectly representative of what life with a three year old looks like. Quite simply, they’re so much more than pictures, they’re a time capsule of how their life feels right now.


And as expertly as I (oh so humbly) think their images captured it all, I am just OBSESSED with the video that Ben made and how perfectly it complements their final gallery:


To one of our favorite fams, thank you for such a sweet morning. We already can’t wait for the next time we’re all together!

Love + Laughs,



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