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We love getting save the dates in the mail from our couples (because who doesn’t love picture mail?!) but over time we’ve noticed that a ton of places who offer that type of thing don’t necessarily offer the best when it comes to color calibration. We have gotten beautiful cards in the mail, where sometimes skin is a little more orange than it should be or a dress is bit of a different color than the one our bride actually wore, and that makes our hearts hurt a little. Not only because we know how much work our couples put into planning the aesthetic of their session, but because we put a ton of work into making sure the final product delivered to them looks clean and natural. 

So because we want our couples to have the option of something a little better, we’ve decided to start offering save the dates!Save the Dates by Sarah & Ben_0002

Save the Dates by Sarah & Ben_0001

For a long time we have been helping our brides and grooms create cards and magnets when they asked, but it was never really something that we took the time to actually offer. Well that changes TODAY! We are so excited to have a full catalog of designs for our couples to use as a starting point, and from there we will help with unlimited customizations!

Save the Dates by Sarah & Ben_0003If you’re a current client check out the brand new client lounge that just launched today! There is a fancy new product section where you can download the full Save the Date Guide, as well as info about all of the other fun things you can add to your wedding coverage!Save the Dates by Sarah & Ben_0005

Love + Laughs (and Happy Monday!),

Sarah & Ben


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