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sarah & ben in iceland: the pictures


Apr 10, 2017

We’ve wanted to go to Iceland ever since watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (if you haven’t seen this film yet go watch it right this second – it will change your LIFE). Not only did the landscape look incredibly beautiful, but the country as a whole looked like something so far from any culture we had ever experienced that we knew we wanted to give it a go. So when a crazy good flight deal popped up in our newsfeed one day we grabbed our warmest jackets and snagged some tickets! And lucky for us, one of our sweet past couples Carly and TC decided to brave the adventure with us!

Iceland is beautiful and so incredibly majestic and every other amazing adjective out there. It’s a place that will both give you an adventure of a lifetime and make you want to go back and do it all over again. (Which we most definitely plan on doing one day!) No picture or video will ever do it’s epicness justice, but being us we had to try ; ) That being said, we did our best to document it all through a mix of GoPro, iPhone, and real camera shots so that we could share all of our favorite parts with you guys!


We began our adventure in Iceland with a much needed stop at the Blue Lagoon.

After our overnight flight it felt good to walk the snowy path to the lagoon and breathe some fresh air,

but it felt even better to set our eyes on this place! ; )

We stripped down to our skivvies and made a made dash to the warm water . . .

and it was oh so worth it!

We drank cocktails (because even though it was 7AM in Iceland it was 2 AM our time.)

That’s totally allowed right?

And we even tried out some face masks, which the boys looked *especially* good in ; )

And then we headed to Reykjavik for a day of exploring the city!

We loved all the colorful buildings and quaint charm of this place . . .

But it was time to hit the road. . . .

On our travels we came across so many charming churches,

Icelandic horses with the most amazing bangs,

and some preeeeeettttty spectacular views!

There were also so many unique places to eat, and one of our favorites was Fridheimar.

It is a geothermally heated tomato greenhouse that only serves tomato-based dishes

(including this amazing green tomato cheesecake!)

The four of us spent one night in this adorable little tiny house,

where we slept in bunk beds and laughed late into the night summer camp style . . .

And the evening brought the most awesome view of the mountain that loomed above.

One day we proved to be not-so-smart American tourists and tried to go down a road marked impassable.

It turned out it truly was, and we got stuck twice before turning around.



And we also braved an especially chilly day to shoot a little

(SO excited to share some of these next week!)

There were some seriously amazing animal encounters,

(including a baby cow selfie that got a little more personal than planned. . .)

some mind blowing landscapes,

and of course the infamous Geysir!

Two of the nights were were lucky enough to spy some Northern Lights,

and during the days we found waterfalls of the big and small variety.

 . . . . which sometimes brought a bit of chilly wind with them!

One of our favorite trip experiences was a tour of a blue ice cave,

followed up by the trip to the glacier lagoon and Diamond Beach.

Some of us may have taken the term “beach” a little too literally in the 27 degree weather . . .

…. while others decided to stay a little warmer.

Everywhere we looked was something more beautiful than we could ever describe,

the most gorgeous sunsets almost every day,

and some stunning sights to see at night.

We of course tried the local delicacies (including licorice dipped ice cream!)

and may have broken a few rules to get a picture or two.

(This is the face of a girl who just hopped a safety barrier and didn’t die!)

There was time spent with some of the locals,

and a crazy long hike to an abandoned plane crash . . .

(which earned us aaaaaaaalllllll the carbs!)

Overall, our time in Iceland was purely magical and went by far too fast.

It was a week spent with awesome friends in a truly one-of-a-kind place,

and we loved adding so many new memories to our adventure book <3

Stay tuned for Part II of our trip recap tomorrow . . . . the video!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

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