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sarah & ben in alaska:the pictures


Jul 7, 2016

Hey friends, long time no chat! We hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th, and had a blast spending time with some favorite faces and munching on festive treats (doesn’t everything taste just a liiitttllle better when it’s for a holiday?! Give us red, white and blue cupcakes over plain ones ANY day!) Between getting settled after our trip and getting ready for the holiday weekend with family we haven’t had much in the way of spare time this past week, but we finally managed to sit down and go through our ZILLIONS of Alaska pictures and are SO excited to share the first part of our recap with you today! We really hope that through our two part trip recap we make you fall in love with every bit of Alaska as much as we did, and inspire you to go see if for yourself. We know people say this aaaaalll the time, but pictures just really don’t do it justice. That being said, we did our best to document it all through a mix of GoPro, iPhone, and real camera shots so that we could share all of our favorite parts with you guys!

Now, let’s get to recapping!

We headed out SUPER early to catch our first flight of two in order to get to Seattle . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0026

And once we got there of course had to grab a quick selfie with the Space Needle!

(Does anyone else think of Austin Powers EVERY time they see it?!)

Alaska Blog Post-141

Our first day in town was spent doing a bit of sightseeing!

A Duck Boat tour proved to be an awesome way to see a lot of the city in our short time there,

and got us up close to SO many adorable house boats!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0027

Our second day in Seattle we knew we HAD to start with a visit to Pike Place Market . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0029

Where we crammed three day’s worth of eating into a few hours . .

We’re shamefully sharing a bit of what we tried here, but the full account of it all had even US judging ourselves. . .  .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0001Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0030Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0028

Afterwards we walked off our food comas and headed to the EMP Museum.

It was definitely a fun afternoon of pop-culture,

and Sarah may have gotten just a liiiiitttlle too excited to hop into her favorite Nintnedo game . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0031

And just like that, our whirlwind visit to Seattle was over, and it was time to head to . . . . .

Alaska Blog Post-144


Our cruise left from Vancouver, so we had about 24 hours to explore some of the highlights

(including this awesome view from Stanley Park!)

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0033Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0034

We spent an afternoon exploring Stanley Park, and couldn’t stop getting excited every time we saw wildlife.

In Florida our wildlife pretty much consists of lizards and the occasional bird so it was AWESOME to see so much of the adorable variety : )

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0002

There were also SO many Canadian Geese!

(Which Ben pointed out where just called geese in Canada . . . )

Alaska Blog Post-142Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0032Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0003

The morning of our cruise OBVIOUSLY had to start with a visit to Tim Hortons,

which we had heard was a Canadian staple. . .

Alaska Blog Post-143

And then it was time to board the boat!

Sarah may have been just a bit excited. But ALASKA!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0035Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0037Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0036

The view as we sailed out of Vancouver was simply stunning . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0038Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0039

. . . and just like that we were officially off on a wilderness adventure!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0040

Our first day consisted of sailing through the Inside Passage, which was just beautiful (and a little rainy . . . )

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0043

Ok . .  .and maybe also a little bit nippy. . .

But TOTALLY worth it!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0041Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0044

 . . .  . .see?!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0045

Things dried off (and maybe warmed up a little) and we were able to spend most of the day out on the deck of the boat watching for animals and epicness.

Trip Tip: Totally spend as much time out on the bow as possible on an Alaskan cruise, because there is SO much wildlife to be spotted!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0042

We spent a lot of time outside getting a bit windswept,

and Sarah couldn’t stop laughing at the silly personalities of seagulls. . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0024

 . . . and the cruise adorably scattered wool blankets around the boat to help keep warm . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0046

After our day sailing the Inside Passage, it was time for our first stop!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0049Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0020

We spent the morning in Ketchikan exploring . . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0048Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0021

. . . before heading out on a crabbing boat to watch some Deadliest Catch style action . . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0047Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0016

We held things of the colorful, pinchy, and just down right gross variety . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0051Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0018Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0054Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0017

. . . before heading to an island FULL of blad eagles.

This was by far a highlight of the trip!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0052Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0053Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0055Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0019

Then it was off to Juneau!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0056Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0057Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0058

We HAD to make a stop at Tracy’s Crab Shack to get some infamous Alaskan King Crab. . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0015Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0060

Which had Ben feeling just a liiitttle fancy . . . .

Alaska Blog Post-145

Then, with full bellies and greasy butter fingers we headed into the mountains to board a whale watching boat . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0061

We just couldn’t stop marveling at how awesome the views were EVERYWHERE you went . . .

At one point in this drive, we literally saw a ton of bald eagles eating trash at the local dump.

Even the GARBAGE in Alaska is majestic!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0062Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0059

We hit the open seas and Sarah pretty much lost her mind with excitement immediately!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0063

There were whales AAALLLLL over, and some even lept out of the water.

At this point, there may have been some squealing.

It probably didn’t come from Ben . . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0064Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0065Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0050

After an amazing afternoon we headed back to the boat and said goodbye to Juneau. . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0066Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0067

For our final stop before the cruise ended, we spent the day in Skagway having what Ben dubbed “Adventure Day”.

One of us was just a little terrified of the activities of the day . . .

Alaska Blog Post-146

Because first up was a ride in a helicopter!

Once we were on board and strapped in Sarah got on the excited bandwagon . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0070

. . . because views like THIS were totally worth conquering some fears . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0069

The chopper (as us helicopter pros now call it ; ) took us to visit a glacier.

We got to sport the coolest boots and vest you ever did see, which Ben somehow managed to look awesome in . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0014Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0071Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0013

After a morning of drinking glacier water, flying over mountains and exploring the wilderness we left with giant smiles

(and a new hat). . .

Alaska Blog Post-147

But we didn’t have long to rest, because we were off to our second new experience of the day . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0073


Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0012

We strapped in, Go-Pro’d up

(get ready for some sweet footage coming your way in the video!)

and headed into the trees . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0072

There were flights over waterfalls. . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0074

And shakey suspension bridges . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0011

but we conquered them all like champs!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0075Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0076

After our crazy adventure day we were definitely ok with something a bit quieter (and less flight involved ; )

Lucky for us it was time to sail through Glacier Bay National Park!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0022

We spent most of this day bundled up on the ship’s bow, spotting wildlife and taking in the sights

(which were just SO overwhelmingly beautiful . . . . )

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0025Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0084Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0077Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0078

There was the occasional Dall Sheep spotting. . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0081

a glacier or two,

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0010

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0085and even a real, live Grizzly Bear!

We felt comfortable at this viewing distance. . . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0082

There were incredible peaks around every turn, and we basically lived in a constant state of FOMO . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0080

. . .  .because everywhere you looked was just STUNNING!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0079Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0086Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0087

And then, just like that, our week of cruising was over . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0092

We landed in Seward, and spent the day exploring the quaint little town before our evening train to Anchorage.

Alaska Blog Post-148Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0090

The sea life center let us get up close and personal with a lot of the animals we had seen from afar on our boat . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0088Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0089

 . . .and on a quick stop by the harbor on our walk back to the train we were lucky enough to run into these guys!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0023

Somebody had a case of the Mondays. . . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0091

We boarded the Alaska Railroad GoldStar train, and started the four hour trip up to Anchorage . . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0004

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0093

The train weaved it’s way through the mountains. . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0094

 . . and we watched it all with cocktails in hand ; )

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0096

There were waterfalls, and icebergs . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0008

bald eagles and mountain views . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0095

And before we knew it we were in Anchorage!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0097

The next morning we woke up early, hopped in the car, and began our trip up to go camping in Denali.

We drove through so many adorable little towns, and saw TONS of moose . . . .

Which we decided in plural form were meese.

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0005

And then we were to the park!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0098

The mountain came out on our second day there

(which is apparently something only 30% of visitors get to see!)

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0009

And we slept in an ACTUAL tent. OUTSIDE.

This was brand new to Sarah, and we both couldn’t get over the fact that it stayed bright out so late.

The picture on the right was taken around midnight, and our tent was STILL fully lit!

So weird!

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0105

For our final adventure into Denali we hopped onto a bus and headed into the park . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0006Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0099

There was wildlife everywhere and some seriously gnarly gravel cliffs the bus driver somehow maneuvered around. . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0007Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0100Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0101

And before we knew it it was our very last day of vacay . . .

We spent it driving back to Anchorage and exploring some of the nature around there. . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0102Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0103

With so many new memories and stories of adventure we packed our bags

and said goodbye to views like this one for a while . . .

Alaskan Cruise by Sarah & Ben Photography_0104

Until next time, Alaska!

Make sure to stick around for Part II, coming soon!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben

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