It seems only appropriate that the title of this post be in French, since that is the latest adventure we have embarked on together. And as we drive from consults to sessions, to weddings and back again, we sit side- by-side, breaking down each sentence the cd throws our way. For anyone else this would seem trivial, but for us it is perfection. Another mountain to climb and conquer together.  And that is how we live every aspect of our lives. Together.

Today, we have been married for four years. And while I can’t wait for the next four (or forty) I hope they go a little slower. Because while it’s true time flies when you’re having fun, I think it goes by even faster when you’re loving.

To my very best friend, the one who makes me laugh and hugs me just right when I need to cry, happy anniversary. You make every day the best day, and I can’t wait to spend this best day with you.

Love + Laughs,



Photo by Kellie Day Photography


  1. Ailyn La Torre Hemminger says:

    Love you guys!! Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!! <3

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