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It’s no secret (because we gush about it AAAAAAALLLLL the time!) that we love each and every one of our SB couples ever so much, and we honestly feel so very lucky to spend the majority of our weekends by their side’s. (Because let’s be real. Not only are they all just amazing humans, but also CAKE.) That being said, every so often a wedding day comes along that is so unique, and has so much of a couple’s personality poured into it, that it is hard not to fall absolutely head over heels with it. Katie + Andy’s South Carolina wedding day was one of those wedding days, and we are SO happy to finally see it celebrated all over again over on The Perfect Palette!


These two designers refused to settle for the standard two-color palette for the day, and ended up with the most perfect blend of autumnal colors you ever did see. That combined with Katie’s blue wedding dress (which she made HERSELF from wedding dresses of other family members) and the sweet love these two share made for a day that was truly memorable.

Go relive all of our favorite moments HERE, and leave them some love for putting together one serious stunner of a day!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben






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