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Happy Friday friends! The blog has been a little quiet while we took a week off in Maine last week, but we were stoked to come home this week and be greeted with this awesome feature over on the Love Inc blog! Tamara and Casey’s wedding day was one of our favorites, not just because they made every detail of it completely their own, but because of the strong sense of family throughout the entire day. Their sweet kiddos had a huge part in the day, from walking each of the brides down the aisle to performing readings, and Tamara’s brother played the music that brought everyone down the aisle. It was a day that just felt like love, and that makes us even happier to see it celebrated all over again!


You can check out some of our favorite details (like Tamara’s stunning vintage inspired dress!) and moments on the Love Inc. blog HERE, and make sure to leave them some love!

Love + Laughs,

Sarah & Ben




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